adam-pally-happy-endings-season-1-Q.jpgFor those of you who watch Adam Pally on “Happy Endings,” you probably find he’s very funny as Max, the Nerf-gun shooting, perpetually pajama-clad couch potato fielding accusations of chubbiness from his friends.

And for those of you who caught Adam Pally drunkenly live tweet a cross-country flight with Tim Robbins, you probably find he’s also very funny as Adam Pally.

Zap2it spoke with Pally after the show’s recent pick-up, and in addition to getting his take on this season’s odd episode chronology, we talked about the NBC pilot he can no longer star in (“BFF”), a summer he hopes to spend enjoying Magnum bars with Rachel Bilson and dream guests for his web series “Riding Shotgun With Adam Pally.”

Congratulations on the renewal. Did you guys think that was in the cards?
It’s awesome. I don’t want to say “expecting” because you never know the way TV goes, but I think we felt confident in the product we put out. We really like the show, we’re really proud of it. I know some people feel like the ratings were low, but we’re on at 10 o’clock, which is crazy for comedy. But yeah, I think we were expecting it to some degree. I’m just excited we get to come back.

You and Damon Wayans Jr. both starred in other pilots that got picked up. What happens now?
I kind of knew that going into the other pilot that I couldn’t do it. I did “BFF” with a couple friends of mine… Ryan [Hansen] and Jessica [St. Cloud] from Upright Citizens Brigade, Scot Armstrong [the producer] and Fred Savage, who directed it. I kind of knew everybody involved, and we went into it with open eyes that if it got picked up, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I was so happy for them, and I think the show is hilarious. I can’t wait to see who they cast.

Max’s sexuality isn’t a big part of his character, but in portraying an unconventional gay character, it’s brought a lot of attention. Did you expect that?
Any time people can identity with a character on TV, you’re hitting a chord, you’re touching some kind of reality. I think that’s great. The truth is, I couldn’t be happier with the kind of attention we’re getting. Any attention is good attention.

So does Max have a job?
There have been many jobs in Max’s past, including leading a teen tour in Tel Aviv and selling beer at Wrigley Field. Depending on how his connections are holding up, he can kind of slide in and out of anything.

adam pally happy endings season 1 long 'Happy Endings' star Adam Pally is offering free car rides, Dakota Fanning“Happy Endings” had a big presence on Funny or Die at the launch. Can we expect more of that?
I’m friends with those guys and so is Casey [Wilson, who plays Penny].Everybody in the comedy cage just helps everybody out. They were definitely so helpful, and we’re so thankful. We’re trying to keep a presence there, for sure. I think it’s important.

I’ve also been doing that series, “Riding Shotgun with Adam Pally,” for them, and I’ve got a another one that we’re about to film with Colin Hanks. My dream guest for that would be Dakota Fanning so if you have any hook-ups, I’d be so happy.

Do you have any big summer plans?
I’m doing a movie called “The Hand Job,” that’s directed by a really funny friend of mine named Maggie Carey. I play Rachel Bilson’s boyfriend, which will be really fun. I look forward to make-out scenes even if they aren’t in the script and eating a bunch of ice cream bars with her. It’s top secret, but there’s some funny people in it… Bill Hader and Andy Samberg and a bunch of others.

I think we’re starting back [at “Happy Endings”] pretty soon, so it’s not going to be a huge summer break. I’m sure that there will be some drunken times and some gambling and some stuff like that I usually do to screw up any sort of success that I have.

Any early plans for Season 2?
I think just funnier. Funnier, funnier, funnier. A show like ours really succeeds when every single joke is the best it can be and everybody is on the top of our game So I think that’s our main goal.

The “Happy Endings” season finale airs at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC
on Wednesday, May 25. And check back that day for our interview
with Pally’s co-star Casey Wilson.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell