casey wilson happy endings 1 'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson talks Season 2, 'Bored to Death' and Bachelorette(s)

We’ve been fans of Casey Wilson since her short-lived stint on “Saturday Night Live” — and this season we’ve gotten to see a whole lot of her as Penny on ABC’s “Happy Endings.”

The May 25th season finale, “The Shershow Redemption,” finds terminally single Penny attending her back-up boyfriend’s wedding and Casey working with real life writing partner June Rafael, who plays the antisocial bride.

Zap2it chatted with the writer and actress a few days after “Happy Endings” landed its choice, post-“Modern Family” time slot on the 2011/2012 schedule. And in addition to discussing an unexpected romantic pairing she’d like to see on the show, Wilson teased her upcoming gig on HBO’s “Bored to Death,” reflected on her time at “Saturday Night Live” and explained how she’s technically involved with two different films with the same name.

Congratulations on the second season.
Oh my god. I just keep saying to everyone that I’m overcome. I’m so happy and proud of the show. I love the cast. Working together is like going to camp. I can’t believe I get to do this again.

You have one more episode this season, and your writing partner June Rafael shows up.
I wonder how that came about? It’s so weird. David [Caspe], our creator, is a huge fan of June’s and had obviously seen us perform together and wanted her for the part — especially because T.J. Miller plays her husband. We think they can be recurring parts.

Extremely gay Derrick is back for the finale.
Oh god. Of course we had to bring Derrick back. The minute I saw Derrick walking on the set, I thought, oh he’s coming back. His name is Stephen Guarino, and he’s so funny. He’s been around, working with the Groundlings a ton. He comes back to play my fiance and of course it might as well be written off as a farce. He says he majored in drama in college, and I tell him his role is a straight man. He shows up like Danny Zuko from “Grease,” and it’s the most awkward impression. I think we’ll never learn with him. Penny just loves to hate him.

The cast seems to have a great chemistry but you and Adam Pally, in particular, are great together. Did you know him before?
Adam and I have been friends for years. We both came out of the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York. We’ve done shows and stuff, but I would say we’ve become an onset married couple. We just love each other so much. He’s the best. He just makes me laugh, and we have a ball.

Did I hear you’re going to be on “Bored to Death” this season?
Yes, I just started shooting it and I go back next week. It’s so much fun. I play this sex-crazed girlfriend of Jason Schwartzman‘s from college that he lost his virginity to. I come back to try and get him to sleep with me the night of my wedding.

happy endings krag 320 'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson talks Season 2, 'Bored to Death' and Bachelorette(s)Now that there’s a bit of distance between you and your time on “Saturday Night Live,” what do you think of the whole experience?
I think it will be regarded — at least regarded by me — as a chapter that I loved. I’m so glad I did it, but I think being a comedic actress is a better fit for me in a way. I’m glad I did it, and I feel proud I was on the show, but ultimately I’m in the right place now. I don’t think it will define my career but I’m glad that I did it.

Do you like acting more than writing?
Acting is more appealing. Ideally I’d want to write for myself and June to do things, but it’s been a great way to make money. You have no control as an actor, and you have very little as a writer as well, but there’s something nice about having some agency take over your career and write on the side. When you’re an actor you ‘re relying on someone else getting you jobs. That’s not a great feeling.

You and June recently wrapped a movie.
Yes, it’s called “Ass Backwards.” We co-wrote it and co-starred in it.
It’s just about two delusional best friends, enabling each other in all
the wrong ways. June’s character thinks she’s this huge business woman,
but she sells her eggs for money. And I think I’m a huge star, but
really I’m singing in a box like those girls at the Standard Hotel who
just sit their like models.

You also wrote a movie called “Bachelorette,” right?
It’s really weird. June and I did a re-write on a movie called
“Bachelorette,”and separately, I’m going to be in a movie called
“Bachelorette.” How many Bachelorettes can you get yourself involved in?

Wait. They’re too different movies?
Yes. It’s like enough with the Bachelorettes.

Which one do you appear in?
Lizzie Caplan is the star, and I play her best friend, the bride. It’s
with this new director, who’s amazing and also wrote it, Leslye
. Will Ferrell is producing.

And the one you did rewrites on?
I don’t know what’s going to happen with that one. Ruben Fleischer is
attached to direct it. It’s a little similar to “Bridesmaids,” so I’m
not sure if they’ll actually make it.

happy endings wedding 280 'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson talks Season 2, 'Bored to Death' and Bachelorette(s)Have you seen “Bridesmaids” yet?
Twice! I’m obsessed. I think it’s like the perfect film. I laughed, I cried.

Back to “Happy Endings…”
I’m actually working on another “Happy Endings,” which is a one-woman show. Totally separate project.

Is there anything you’d like to see in Season 2?
I mean, I doubt we’ll see Penny finding a man. I feel like Penny’s going to go to a retirement home before she finds a man. I would like to see Penny and Dave hook up. I think that would be interesting.

Um, yeah. You don’t think that’s in the works? Well, I don’t know if Penny could do that to Alex, but I bet Penny will have a crush on Dave. And I want to see more storylines with Penny and Max — there’s more fun to be had there. I”m already pushing for the musical episode even though we’ve only shot 13 episodes. The musical episode, you do it six years in. Well, let’s flip the script. Let’s do it now.

Why not?
I’m also going bring out a cake that says “Happy 100 episodes.”

Any dream-casting for guest stars?
I would love to see Catherine O’Hara as Penny’s mother. I’m obsessed with her. I got to work with her in two movies and she is the finest. She probably wouldn’t lower herself to do our show, but I would love to have her. And I had this vision. Amanda Peet came up to me in the gym and I thought of her as Penny’s older sister.

You had a vision of Amanda Peet at the gym?
No, she came up to talk to me. She really did. I’m not delusional. She said she watched the show, she was a fan and was just so sweet. I thought that she’d be this older sister, with Penny always in her shadow.

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