Like so many TV comedy protagonists, the profession of Brad Williams (Damon Wayans Jr.) is a bit ambiguous — though we know it involves a suit.

Naturally, Wayans was suit-clad when Zap2it recently stopped by the “Happy Endings” set, so we asked him if he had any idea about his alter ego’s profession.

“Everywhere Brad is, he’s working it,” says Wayans, hinting Season 2 might bring some answers as to what exactly that entails. “You’re going to see a lot more work. You might see a boss of his. You might see what he actually does… which I’m not really sure of yet. All I know is that I think Brad is the charmer guy. They sit him in a room with a whole bunch of old white dudes that are rich and [he] makes them laugh.”

Outside the office, Wayans seems sure Brad and Jane’s (Eliza Coupe) baby plans are still on hold, for obvious reasons. “Babies aren’t funny,” he says. “They get old real fast, and they start looking weird.”

Wayans, the offspring of another Damon Wayans, also remains shy about whether we’ll see his real-life father reprise the role of Brad’s dad in Season 2.

“I’m pretty sure he might be up to it,” says Wayans. “I know some people that know him, so I can reach out and see if they can get a hold of him. They’d probably have to give him a lot more money… which I’ll fight him for. He’s not getting paid more than me. This is my show.”

As for what Damon thinks of Brad’s bromance with Max (Adam Pally), revealing on-screen sex with his TV wife and other things Season 2, watch the rest of our interview in the above video. And catch “Happy Endings,” Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET, on ABC.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell