Two months ago, an emperor penguin that came to be known as “Happy Feet” came ashore in New Zealand on a beach nearly 2,000 miles from his home in Antarctica. It had been 44 years since an emperor penguin had been seen in New Zealand. After seeing Happy Feet eat sand (most likely mistaking it for snow), conservation authorities stepped in to help out, moving him to a zoo in Wellington and flushing the sand out of his stomach.

Now two months later, Happy Feet has been released back into the wild. Zoo veterinarian Lisa Argilla tells the AP he needed a little push to go back in the water, but he quickly swam away and didn’t look back, which may be a little sad for his caretakers, but is “a good thing” for Happy Feet.

If you want to keep track of Happy Feet’s journey, he has been fitted with a GPS tracker. You can follow his movements at the NZEmperor site – -but you’d better do it now, because Argilla thinks the tracker will most likely fall off the next time Happy Feet molts.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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