Justintimberlake_290 Justin Timberlake‘s third official hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live” (not counting his numerous pop-ins in recent seasons) played a little bit like a greatest-hits version of his previous times on the show.

There was another installment of “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” with Jimmy Fallon (rightfully exiled to a post-“Update” slot), and a reprise of the “Bring it on down to [insert business here]-ville” sketch, this time with JT hawking plastic surgery while off against Will Forte’s gym-hustling barbell.

And, oh yeah, the digital short. About two and a half years after “D*ck in a Box” (the link is to the uncensored version, by the way) became a sensation, Timberlake and Andy Samberg reprised their Color Me Badd-biting characters, now out of jail and sweating what to give their moms (played by supremely good sports Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon) for Mother’s Day.

The result is “Motherlover.” It’s filthy and hilarious and maybe not something you’d want to watch with your own mom, and there’s not much more I can say, so just watch:

How do you think Timberlake did in his third “SNL” stint? And what did you think of “Motherlover”?

Posted by:Rick Porter