sweetest day 2012 Happy Sweetest Day: Do you have sweets for your sweet?Sure, we all know about Halloween and Valentine’s Day and Arbor Day — but did you know Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day?

Started Oct. 8, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio, Sweetest Day was started by candymaker C.C. Hartzell to distribute boxes of candy to newsboys, orphans, old people and the poor. It has since evolved into a holiday where people give sweets to their loved ones, friends, coworkers and associates, mostly celebrated regionally in and around the Great Lakes.

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It isn’t intended to be romantic, like Valentine’s Day. It continues to be a day to recognize the sick, poor or orphaned, but also a day to acknowledge someone who has been kind to you by giving them something for being so sweet.

The holiday also became permanently celebrated on the third Saturday in October, hence the Oct. 20 date in 2012.

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