geoff stults happy town 320 'Happy Town': Geoff Stults on taking the lead, 'Twin Peaks' comparisonsIf you’re a TV or film fan, Geoff Stults (“7th Heaven,” “Wedding Crashers,” “The Break-Up”) is a face you probably recognize. Last seen regularly on ABC’s “October Road,” Stults reunites with the writer-producers behind “OR” this week as the star of “Happy Town.” 

Though the ensemble cast includes well-known small screen actors such as Sam Neill, Frances Conroy and Steven Weber, Stults is taking the lead role this time around and was kind enough to give Korbi TV a little scoop on what we can expect…

People are comparing “Happy Town” to the 80s mystery series “Twin Peaks.” Do you remember that show at all? Do you think the comparison is accurate?
GS: Yeah, I do remember parts of it. It was 20 years ago, so it was a little before my TV watching time. But it’s hard to compare. I hate when people start using comparisons, I think some marketing exec was sitting around and was like, Oh, this show is kind of dark. It reminds me of “Twin Peaks”– only because it’s set in a small town and there’s a mystery to it. There are elements that are similar, but “Happy Town” is way more grounded in reality — There are mystical elements to the main arc of who is this “Magic Man” or Magic Person or whatever this entity is that has basically been abducting people in such a way that it’s unexplainable — But it’s not aliens, there’s no crop circles or s–t like that. All of the craziness that is being done is obviously being done by a human being.

And you’re pretty much playing the lead character. Tell me about him.
He’s just adorable. That’s all I’m going to say. [Laughs] No, Tommy is the son of a sheriff in a town with no crime. A small town, it’s picturesque. And he’s very content and happy to be a husband and a father and a son. And he’s a deputy but he doesn’t really have to do anything. It’s kind of like Mayberry. But that all goes to Hell very quickly, and the very fabric and foundation of what Tommy has grown up with gets turned upside down in such a monumental way that he is forced very reluctantly to become a man and grow up and kind of take charge.

His skills as a deputy are put to the test.
Yeah, his skills as a person are put to the test. He’s a very reluctant hero. He doesn’t want to do it, he’s just forced to.

Is he like the Jack Shephard of “Happy Town”?
There’s some of that. Yeah. He’s kind of that guy that has to keep everyone [together]. He is the glue a little bit.

Do you think he’s capable? Is he the man for the job?
I think [pause] we’ll find that out. [Laughs] In the beginning, he doesn’t believe he is. He just gradually gains that [capability] because he’s forced to do these things that he never really wanted. I think he’s kind of surprising himself every week.

Do you think that he has secrets? Do we get all of Tommy up front?
No, definitely not. Everybody in this town seems like they’re hiding something and it appears as if Tommy is the only one that is not. But we come to find out — there are little hints in there that viewers will pick up on — that maybe there are a few things that Tommy is hiding as well.

Do you think he’s a good guy?
I do believe he’s a good guy. I believe that sometimes even good guys make bad choices.

This first season includes just eight episodes, will the mystery be wrapped up in that eight or no?
That was one of the promises we decided to keep, we are revealing who the Magic Man is at the end of the eighth episode. It’s one of those things where we didn’t want to keep dragging it out and dragging it out and then people are like, well isn’t that going to end the show? Absolutely not. It’s such a fundamental shakeup that it turns the show in such an incredible different direction. There is plenty more story there.

“Happy Town” premieres after “Cougar Town” on Wednesday, April 28 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC

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