rj miles hard times 'Hard Times of RJ Berger' finale first look: Watch RJ and Miles plotWith the future of MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”  hanging in the balance, Season 2 comes to a shocking close on Monday May 30th.

]]><![CDATA[In the one-hour finale, RJ's [Paul Iacono] “love square” comes back into
play when he and Jenny [Amber Lancaster] are nominated for “Mr. and Ms. Pinkerton” —
despite the fact that they’re broken up. In an attempt to take down Max
and Robin, RJ and Jenny make a run for the title and needless to say,
Amy [Caitlin Crosby] is not pleased.

“All the friends are together and decided to
pair [Jenny] and RJ together for Mr. and Ms. Pinkerton as part of the
plan [to take down Robin],” Amber Lancaster tells Zap2it. “But no one
really knows the plan exactly until the end. So, RJ’s a little upset
about it — Amy’s definitely upset about it — But in the end it’s all
worth it.”

Somehow in all this mess, Lily re-enters the picture
as a potential love interest for RJ (again). So which girl is Lancaster
pulling for?

“Jenny, duh!” she tells us. “She’s perfect. Or
she’s portrayed as perfect, anyways. I guess every dream girl has a
flaw at some point, but I think that there’s something really cute and
genuine about Jenny and RJ’s friendship and their connection.”

“I think the viewers definitely want to see RJ and Jenny get back
together. I don’t think Jenny should take him back so quick though, he’s gotta
do something.”

Not to worry, the love woes of our conquering hero won’t be the
only subject of the finale. Lancaster tells us there will be “four big
bombs that get dropped.” One of which, we already know, involves Max
Owens’ personal life. We’ve seen the episode, and let us tell you —
these stories definitely need to be continued.

“Even if you’ve never watched an episode of the show in your life, this is an episode worth watching,” Lancaster promises.

will also be developments in the love triangle involving Mr. and Mrs.
Berger and Coach Sinclair. To get a sneak peek, watch our exclusive clip
below. Tune in to the special one-hour season finale on Monday at 10
p.m. ET/PT to see all the juicy developments.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci