RJ-Bday-Video.jpgHeading into next week’s installment of “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” we knew it was going to be a big episode.
]]>Paul Iacono) is tormented relentlessly by bully Max Owens (Jayson Blair), especially when it comes to his birthday. This year, true to form, Max doesn’t miss an opportunity to torture poor RJ — See the clip below. Only this time around, Blair tells us that RJ decides to flip the script. “RJ finally stands up to me because I punish him every year on his birthday,” he says. “[RJ] decides to have a birthday party in [Max’s] honor and call it a ‘Max Bash,’ so I go covert ops and I thrash his party, and it’s a really powerful moment for his character and mine.” Kara Taitz, who plays Lily, tells us that the “Max Bash” was a blast to film, and that the cast really “Learned a lot about each other that night.” “It was the most ridiculous shoot of the entire season, I think because it was a night shoot at a motel and it was freezing, and we had a really, really good time doing it,” she tells Zap2it. “They would yell ‘cut’ and everybody, all the extras and everything, would run into the motel room. But it was honestly the most disgusting motel you’ve ever seen,” she adds. “It’s one of those places you get by the hour. So nobody wants to sit on the bed or anything, like there were mirrors above the bed — it’s so that place. We all tried to sit on the couple directors chairs that they brought and you know, huddle together for warmth… It was a fun bonding experience.” She goes on to tease us about what sort of cliffhangers the Season 2 finale holds. Though they haven’t been officially picked up for a Season 3 yet, she’s hopeful. “I know that last season we didn’t hear ’til around now, or a little bit after. So I don’t know what it means or doesn’t mean that we haven’t heard yet,” she says of a pickup. “But I think we need a third season. I think the story, as you see it go into that cliffhanger mode, needs to continue to be told. Hopefully MTV agrees.” She talks up this cliffhanger quite a bit, but won’t go into too much detail about what it will involve. She does admit that the story will affect each member of the cast. “It involves everyone,” she teases. “There’s a few things that happen that are gonna be really fun and we’re really gonna want this story to continue, I think. It involves every character really, and it’s definitely going to push the show to new places, which could be really exciting for us.” We’re intrigued to see these next couple episodes and how RJ’s relationships continue to change with Amy (Caitlin Crosby), Max and Jenny (Amber Lancaster). Watch an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode below, and tune in to MTV on Monday at 10 PM.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci