Give it up, internet. The Harlem Shake has peaked, because it will never get better then this. After a video popped up online of a commercial jet full of people doing the dance mid-flight, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken notice, and are investigating, the LA Times reports.
The idea was hatched by an Ultimate Frisbee team from Colorado College. They say they got the okay from everyone else on board to tape the video, and even brought the costumes with them.  Dan Eppstein, captain of the team, says they checked with flight attendants, who gave them the okay to make the video while the seat belt sign was off.
A spokeswoman for Frontier Airlines, whose plane was the video’s setting, says “all safety measures were followed.” It’s possible the shakiness at the end of the video is what has the FAA concerned, but Eppstein says that’s the fault of a bad camera operator, not the flight. He also says the video was good for the team, helping them to build chemistry, “We got to give credit to the underclassmen who organized it all.” 
The Harlem Shake has become quite the craze lately, with many offering up their own versions, including Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models offering up their version.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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