Deanchekvala_jddunn_harpersisland_240 Previously on "Harper's Island," the kindly Reverand Fain lost his head, Kelly and Cal were left hanging but only Kelly stayed that way, and poor socialite Lucy was en fuego (which nobody seems to notice or care about. WTF, show). Who will be offed tonight?

I Shot the Sheriff (summary)
Sheriff Mills discovers Kelly was murdered. The killer left red ink in her eyes and on a newspaper clipping about his catching John Wakefield, saying, "You found her, now find me." Henry gets an anonymous tip that Hunter Jennings is staying at a local motel and snoops through his room, discovering that Daddy Wellington bought Hunter's ticket to the island. Later, Henry lets Thomas know that he's on to him. Looks like future son-in-law grew a pair! Finally, Psycho Shane runs JD Dunn down with his truck, then strings JD up to kill him and make it look like a suicide because he blames JD for Kelly's death. Sheriff Mills and Abby narrowly save JD.

Big Shot (key players)
Abby is pretty disturbed about Kelly's death, her mind immediately going to John Wakefield. JD Dunn has a fairly tepid reaction to the news of Kelly's death, which is interesting. Chloe and Cal get back at Sully for leaving Cal hanging in the woods by honeying and feathering him in the spa. Hee! It turns out that Stepmother Dearest Katherine Wellington is schtupping her step-son-in-law Richard Allen. Way to keep it in the family. Henry sets a trap to see if Trish would go back to Hunter and she doesn't go for it, but we don't know if it's because she doesn't love Hunter or because she chickened out. Hunter tells Mr. Wellington he'll leave the island for $50,000 and zooms off into the night with a big fat check, only to come across Uncle Marty's bag o' cash on the speed boat.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot (who died)
It's our first episode with only one death: Hunter Jennings.

Shot Through the Heart (how they died)
Poor Hunter took off on a sabotaged boat and when he went to restart the engine, a rigged shotgun turned his face into Spaghetti-Os.

Shot in the Dark (gruesome scale)
Hunter's shotgun to the face wasn't that gruesome, but I did enjoy the shot of the barrel with all the blowback on it. 3 out of 10.

Double Shot of my Baby’s Love (hope you die next)
Well, I got my wish this week in Hunter. I'm still rooting for Shane and Sully to bite it. No one else is really pinging on my radar just yet. Chloe and Cal were edging there until this episode. I'm starting to enjoy them quite a bit.

I Shot William H. Macy (favorite lines)
There were some good zingers tonight. It isn't technically a "line," but the entire S&M scene between Katherine and Richard was fantastic.

[Chloe does yoga out in the yard]
Richard: How on earth did you land her?
Cal: Well… I graduated from Cambridge, I'm a medical doctor, an expert philatelist… I think it's the accent. I wake up every day praying she doesn't meet a cool British person.
Richard: Or any other British person.

[Sully runs by covered in honey and feathers]
Danny: Looks like Pooh Bear got in the honeypot.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (best scare)
It was decently creepy when Abby found JD hanging and then Shane came up behind her and sinisterly asked, "Are you looking for me?" Second, I figured Hunter's boat was going to blow up, so the shotgun blast made me jump about a foot.

Shotgun Willie (lead suspects)
I think I can leave JD and Shane and their petty psychoses out of the suspect mix. I'm still not giving up on Thomas Wellington, though. The Wellingtons are from the island too, not just Henry and the Mills family. We don't know what connection he could have to the Wakefield stuff. I also like the idea of a mild-mannered guy like Henry being behind it all. Plus, both Henry and Thomas were shown to be quite handy with guns.

A Shot in the Arm (weekly death roster)
Cousin Ben: this was no boating accident
Uncle Marty: bridge to tear-in-halfia
Reverend Fain: someone should've given him a heads up
Kelly Seaver: you hang in there, buddy
Lucy Daramour: what a little firecracker!

Hunter Jennings: he lost the face-off

Side notes: so far I love this show, but it is majorly bugging me that nobody wondered where Lucy was all damn episode. On an upbeat note, I am loving the score. The music sets a great uneasy feeling and creepy atmosphere.


'Harper's Island' death gallery: How they died and who's still alive

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