Elainecassidy_harpersisland_240 "Harper's Island" claimed its first two victims last week and heads into Thursday's episode (April 16) with a renewed thirst for blood.

First, let's just remind ourselves on exactly what transpired last week when the wedding party and a very reluctant Abby returned to Harper's Island.

Harper's Island Recap:

R.I.P. Cousin Ben and Uncle Marty. We hardly knew ye.

Okay enough mourning … who's gonna die tonight?

Well, there are plenty of opportunities on the whole island for a killer to lay in wait.

Some of the things we'll see/learn tonight:

 - The wedding guests run around on some harebrained scavenger hunt, making it easier for potential victims to be parted from the safety of the herd.
Deanchekvala_jddunn_harpersisland_240  - More on dirtbag Shane's ex-girlfriend, you know, the one that JD was sharing a "we have similar tattoos" moment with at the Cannery.
 - More on Hunter Jennings and his pursuit of the soon-to-be-wed Trish.
 - An explanation for what death is forecast by the episode title "Crackle."

Who would you like to see die next? Any new thoughts on the killer? Could it be a two-man job a la "Scream"? How awesome is that narrator's voice?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen