things started getting good. Not so much for Daddy Wellington, but definitely for us viewers.

…Baby One More Time (summary)
We pick right back up at the wedding rehearsal and Daddy Wellington's spade to the head. Everyone completely freaks, it's really nice work by Katie Cassidy (Trish) in particular. Abby also gets another creepy phone call that just plays "Ave Maria." As the Wellingtons grieve and try to process, Trish tells Shea about Richard and Katherine's affair.

In a funny subplot, a local man found Cal's ring on the beach (from when Chloe threw his pants in the lake) and proposed to his girlfriend on the spot. When Chloe finds out about the proposal-gone-wrong, she stages a dramatic scene claiming to be the local man's mistress. The bride-to-be slaps the man and tosses the ring. Chloe and Cal grab it and run. Cal doesn't propose, though, because he doesn't want their proposal to have taken place on the day Trish's dad was murdered. It's delightful all around and makes me love Cal and Chloe even more.

You Drive Me Crazy (key players tonight)

Sheriff Mills gets a lot of screentime tonight, questioning everyone and investigating. JD is also acting mighty suspicious. He shows Abby and then Henry a body strung up in a tree, which they discover is both halves of Uncle Marty. JD also ends the episode by ducking inside the cabin of Burnt-Faced Deputy. Between the head spade and the hanging of bodies in trees, it looks a lot like John Wakefield's handy work. Abby shows JD and Henry her father's John-Wakefield-may-be-alive shrine. They decide to dig up Wakefield's grave to see if he's in there, which he is. Or someone is. Madison is back in rare form, giving a rehearsed alibi to Sheriff Mills that her father Richard told her to say. Finally, Katherine shows the Sheriff newspaper clippings about Wakefield that she found in Richard's briefcase.

Lucky (who died)
Poor Richard's cheating ass is grass.

Oops, I Did it Again (how they died)
Richard gets speared (get it? speared?) by a harpoon.

Toxic (gruesome scale)
Well, the actual shot of dead Daddy Wellington is pretty gruesome, even though it technically happened last episode. That's a solid 9 out of 10. Richard's death is decently gruesome too, 8 out of 10.

Stronger (I hope you die next)
We haven't seen Shane for awhile, but he's still on my list just for being a jerk [stink eye]. Sully and Malcolm are still there. I know I'm kind-of a broken record with regards to this category, but I really dislike those three and I don't particularly dislike any other characters. Except maybe Katherine Wellington. Add her to the list.

My Prerogative (favorite lines)
Cal: I heard the good news. Felicitations! There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just jump right in. The ring you found belongs to me. I lost it a few days ago on the beach. I sense your skepticism. 'Prove it!' you may say. 'Gladly!' I retort. First of all, the diamond is 1.5 carats. Second, the color rating is an H, which you might not know means it's virtually colorless. And finally the clarity rating is a VVS1. It's an impressive statistic that any jeweler could verify, so… I'm not getting my ring back, am I?

Sheriff Mills: How long have you been involved with Katherine Wellington?
Richard: Six weeks. It just kind of happened.
Sheriff Mills: Fell on her, did ya?

I'm a Slave 4 U (best scare)
This episode it was all about the creepy-scares more than the startle-scares. The "Ave Maria" stuff still creeps me out, as did the shot of Madison looking at her own reflection as her father is speared outside her window.

Sometimes (lead suspects)
It's certainly starting to look like John Wakefield isn't dead and is back on the island. Surely that can't be *just* the solution, we're only half-way through the series. Maybe he has an accomplice? Or it's like Sheriff Mills says, it's someone pretending to be Wakefield to hide his or her true motives.

Everytime (weekly death roster)
Cousin Ben: this was no boating accident
Uncle Marty: bridge to tear-in-halfia
Reverend Fain: someone should've given him a heads up
Kelly Seaver: you hang in there, buddy
Lucy Daramour: what a little firecracker!

Hunter Jennings: he lost the face-off
Joel Booth: he's got a leg up
Thomas Wellington: what a splitting headache
Richard Allen: you give love a bad name

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