harrison ford star wars enders game tonight show gi Harrison Ford: No answer on 'Star Wars' sequels to Jay Leno

When Harrison Ford guested on “The Tonight Show,” he wasn’t ready to give an answer about the upcoming “Star Wars” sequels. Even though Jay Leno asked directly about the movies, Ford stayed silent.

He stayed literally silent, actually. Harrison Ford didn’t say a word until Leno moved on to the next question.

Odd silences and jokey responses were a lot of what Jay got when he questioned the movie star on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Ford was ready and willing to talk about his soon-to-be-released film, “Ender’s Game,” but he didn’t seem interested in saying much on any other topic.

In addition to a non-answer about “Star Wars” what did Leno get out of Ford?

  • Harrison Ford pretended not to remember the rather awful opening pitch he threw at a baseball game earlier this year. Fortunately, Leno had a video.
  • Ford insisted that he did not replace Bruce Willis in the next “Expendables” sequel. It’s a new role.
  • The actor definitely didn’t recall being in the original “Ironside” series at any point.
  • In a montage of early Harrison Ford roles, one showed the actor — in the 1967 film, “Luv” — wearing a beret.
  • Much like the “Ender’s Game” ads that focus on Ford’s character and on war, Ford managed to describe the entire plot of the movie without mentioning that it’s a story about a kid named Ender.

Posted by:Laurel Brown