Harry Wayne Casey Harry Casey: Richard Finch didn't found KC and the Sunshine BandRichard Finch, former member of KC and the Sunshine Band, was arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with underage boys this week.

And in the resulting media frenzy, Finch has repeatedly been I.D.-ed by the press as one of the founders of KC and the Sunshine Band.

Well, KC ( Harry Wayne Casey) says that’s simply not true.
]]>Casey tells The Dish Rag in a statement that Richard Finch has not been a part of KC & The Sunshine Band for over 30 years. “Because of the recent allegations, I would like to clarify certain misinformation about Mr. Finch in relation to the band. “I created KC & The Sunshine Band in 1973. Mr. Finch subsequently joined the band a year later.  While his talent contributed to the early success of the KCSB sound, his involvement ended in 1980.  In the 30 years since, Mr. Finch has continuously held onto the illusion and given the impression that his contribution was much more integral than it actually was.  “Those stories are categorically untrue. Hence, that is why the band has always been called KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND. “KC & The Sunshine Band continues to successfully flourish, having toured around the world for over 37 years. “The serious allegations confronting Mr. Finch have nothing to do with me nor with KC & The Sunshine Band.  Those legal issues associated with this case will be dealt with via the judicial system of the state of Ohio.  Our hearts go out to the alleged victims and their families.” The Dish Rag thanks KC (sorry, you’ll always be KC to us) for clearing this up and giving us the opportunity to get the word out. And about that last sentence, ditto. Follow Zap2it’s The Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead