Ain’t it Cool News movie website founder Harry Knowles may have become more a part of the big studio system than we know.

On his website, he addresses Christian Bale‘s explosive and embarrassing tantrum on the set of McG’s “Terminator Salvation,” when he reamed out director or photography Shane Hurlbut for disturbing his concentration during a scene.

Harry hasn’t written about it until now because, he says, “It isn’t news. And it certainly isn’t cool news. It is a moment in a man’s life taken completely out of context and most likely leaked to personally embarrass Christian Bale.”

He knows what many of us are thinking: There’s no excuse for a temper tantrum like that to ever occur, and if you are going to act that way, you deserve to be embarrassed by your own actions.

Now comes his insider explanation behind what REALLY happened. Are you ready? But first, Harry reveals his Deep Throat:

“I know this because I happen to be somewhere where someone that was there that day and for the shoot is. And this person isn’t a publicist, nor are they invested in Bale’s career.”

He then calls "young" DP Shane Hurlbut …

]]>… a known "light tweaker.”

Then he describes that emotional scene between Christian Bale and Bryce Howard as one that required “soul bearing and a deep level of immersive concentration.”

Again, back to why his source spoke out: "Now, the reason I know all of this is because the person that was there, felt that it should be made perfectly clear that Christian Bale was the utmost gentleman and cool guy on set. And the DP really was doing something that professional DPs with experience just don’t do. Not during a performance."

Harry’s heard the audio tape, all four-plus minutes of it, and believes that this particular outburst did indeed "modify the DP’s behavior."

He then enlightens us lesser film buffs: "None of us are perfect, and certainly we have all sinned to some degree. Actors, Actresses, Celebrities and the people exploited on sites like TMZ. They’re human beings that I personally feel are owed the same inalienable rights that the rest of us hold dear."

Anyway, you can read more of Harry’s lame excuses for Bale’s behavior on his site.

I’m as disgusted by Bale as I am by Knowles who says he wrote this lame excuse "to express my opinion on the spreading of stories like this and making Christian look bad, when he isn’t.”

Christian may not be a bad person, but his behavior — screaming at a DP in front of the crew — was reprehensible. And that’s pretty bad.

But that’s my take. What do you think? Or maybe you agree with Harry?

Or do you think Harry the film geek is standing up for a movie star just so he can maintain and increase his access to studio set visits for his site?

Nah, that’ can’t be it.

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