DanielradcliffDaniel Radcliffe lost his virginity to an older woman?

According to an interview in the October issue of Details magazine, the "Harry Potter" child star had sex at age 16 (relax, that’s the age of consent in the UK)  with a woman who was quite a bit older.

Not "cougar" old, but pretty darn close.

He’s not naming names, but a source has provided one to Us Weekly, according to its website.

Staying mum on the name of his first lover, Radcliffe, now 19, tells Details that the age difference "wasn’t ridiculous" but concedes "it would freak some people out."

Well, at least it wasn’t Mrs. Weasley. Or Professor McGonagall. Or Snape….

Despite the hanky-panky, Radcliffe — who told Details he’d like to play a drag queen one day — insists his life is not at all wild and rebellious.

Daniel has no time for rebellion. He likes writing poetry. 

He told Details, "I like being different from most other people in my generation."

You mean, like being filthy rich?

Photo: Daniel Radcliffe in 2005. He looks … very young.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead