Anyone who could afford a theater ticket to see "Equus" was able to see a starkers Daniel Radcliffe.

But soon young and old Harry Potter fans may get a look at Daniel’s privates at the cinema.

Director David Yates reportedly commented on a Brazilian fansite about the nude rumors surrounding "Deathly Hallows," the

final Potter film, which is now shooting.

“Daniel Radcliffe appears naked in one scene where Harry and Ron are

fighting a magical creature, who fled to confuse and create a vision. In the

view we see Harry and a woman embracing and kissing. It’s an intriguing scene

and very sensual. “

Maybe it lost or gained something in translation from Brazilian to English?

Let's just hope they teach sex ed at Hogwarts. Magic potions and vanishing spells aren't quite enough.

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Photo: Daniel Radcliffe in "Equus." Credit: Associated Press

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead