daniel radcliffe doctor who 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe has never seen 'Doctor Who'

Though many fans considered him as a favorite to take over as the lead on “Doctor Who” when Matt Smith steps down, “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe says that not only isn’t he a fan of the show, he’s never seen an episode.
Radcliffe tells The Sun, “I’ve honestly never watched ‘Doctor Who’. And I’d hesitate to jump into a famous character role.” It’s unfortunate the actor has never been exposed to the series. Granted, his childhood was pretty busy making movies, but there’s always a little time the Doctor’s adventures through time and space.
You can’t really blame him for not wanting such a high-profile part, though. After spending a decade playing the boy wizard, Radcliffe has been carefully picking his roles, appearing in projects like “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” and “Kill Your Darlings.”
There’s nothing that says Daniel can’t become a fan of the show and appear as a guest star on an episode at some point. “Doctor Who” has had more than its fair share of famous faces, including “The World’s End” star Simon Pegg.
Until that day, at least there’s a great “Doctor Who”/”Harry Potter” mashup video that some genius fan has pieced together.
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