harrys law bullying 'Harry's Law' and Brittany Snow address cyber bullying and teen suicideWednesday’s episode of “Harry’s Law” addresses a disturbing, and highly timely issue when Harry (Kathy Bates) is asked to defend a teen cyber-bully whose cruel blog drives a closeted lesbian classmate to commit suicide.

Following the suicides of teens like Jamey Rodemeyer and Tyler Clementi, who were tormented by peers because of their sexuality, the episode examines the fault of the bully, as A.D.A Kim Mendelsohn (Camryn Manheim) charges the blogger – the self-titled “Queen of Snark” – with negligent homicide.

Brittany Snow, who will exit the series this season, is the co-founder of Love is Louder, an anti-bullying charity, so the episode has a particular resonance for her. Snow recorded the PSA below, which will follow Wednesday’s episode. “If you’ve ever felt mistreated or misunderstood, there is hope, and there is help,” she says in the video, below. “I can tell you, it gets better, and love is louder than hate.”

Watch the episode, titled “Queen of Snark,” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie