hart of dixie finale wade zoe 'Hart of Dixie' finale: Did Zoe choose Wade or George?Things are never easy in a love triangle, and they’re epically harder when there’s a hurricane-type storm involved, like in the Season 1 finale of “Hart of Dixie.” The CW drama spent an entire season introducing us to the romantic dilemma of Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) as she tried to figure out her feelings for slacker bartender Wade (Wilson Bethel) or town hero lawyer George (Scott Porter). So, which one did she choose?

Well, it’s kind of hard to keep waiting for someone like George when he’s getting married to someone else — and he spent the entire episode setting up for his big day with Lemon despite the disastrous storm passing through Bluebell. Besides, after the adventure to that bar in New Orleans, it seems like Zoe missed her chance and George wasn’t in the right emotional state.

So it makes sense that she moved on to Wade, and finally admitted to herself that maybe his crush on her wasn’t completely one-sided. Perhaps his glistening abs helped? “I don’t think he cares about your abs, Wade,” Zoe says as Wade tries to save a baby goat. It’s okay, Zoe. We do. We most definitely do.

Where were we? Oh yeah, Wade. They’re interrupted after a chaste kiss, but a few minutes later they totally do it and it’s super sexy and everything Wade/Zoe fans were hoping for. (At least we think so.) But since nothing can ever be right for too long, after their intimate moment, George comes by, kisses Zoe and confesses that he can’t go through with his wedding because he’s totally in love with her. (“No one told me she was staying,” he admits to Lavon before dumping Lemon and rushing over to Zoe’s house.)

Ruh roh, now Zoe’s got two boys both admitting they’re in love with her — and she probably loves both of them back. What’s a girl to do? Thank goodness a Season 2 is on the way to tell us how the love triangle fares.

What do you think of Zoe’s predicament? Are you glad she and Wade finally got together?

Posted by:Jean Bentley