justin hartley hart of dixie 'Hart of Dixie' goes hunting   5 things to know about 'Bachelorettes and Bullets'When we last saw Zoe Hart and her “Hart of Dixie” compatriots, trouble was a-brewing in Bluebell as George accidentally saw a drunken kiss between Lemon and Lavon. But when we pick up directly after the incident in the Monday, April 16 episode, “Bachelorettes & Bullets,” George is wondering if he really saw what he thinks he saw.

Zap2it caught a screening of the episode (and will have an interview with creator Leila Gerstein and stars Wilson Bethel and Cress Williams talking about the rest of the season after it airs), but in the meantime, here are five things you can expect from the show, which follows George and Lemon’s disastrous bachelor and bachelorette weekends:

1. The George/Lemon/Lavon triangle will be resolved.
How? We can’t tell you. But know that things do come to a head during the mishap-filled bachelor/bachelorette weekend.

2. Anything that can go wrong, does.
Did we mention that LOTS of things will go wrong? Because they will. As Lavon says at one point while everyone’s hanging out in the woods (long story), “Maybe this is like an enchanted forest, only the opposite.”

3. Wade has a very interesting hangover cure.
While nothing we’ve ever tried has ever helped stave off an epic post-drinking bout of sickness (aside from buckets of water and more
everyone’s favorite Rammer Jammer bartender swears by a gross-sounding
drink that includes a full robin’s egg — “shell and all.”

4. Justin Hartley handsomes up the place.
As if Bluebell, Alabama wasn’t inhabited by enough attractive people, he shows up as a patient of Zoe’s with ties to the small town.

5. Magnolia’s at it again.
Tasked with planning Lemon’s bachelorette party, the mischievous little sister doesn’t heed by the bride-to-be’s wishes. Obviously. Let’s just say there are strippers and edible underwear involved — how very un-Lemon.

Posted by:Jean Bentley