jaime king talks robert buckley hart of dixie return 'Hart of Dixie': Jaime King teases Robert Buckley's return as PeterNow that Lemon’s (Jaime King) dumped both Carter Covington and Enrique as her boyfriends on “Hart of Dixie,” the time is ripe for the man of her dreams, Peter (Robert Buckley) to return to sweep her off her feet again. And King reveals to Zap2it that he is indeed coming back … but it’s not the best timing for these soul mates.

“Yes, Robert Buckley does come back, but he comes back at just the most inopportune time since Lemon’s sworn off men forever,” King says. “Well, not forever, but for a long time. She’s going on a man cleanse. And right when she goes on this man cleanse, this super hot guy comes back, so it’s like, ‘Ughhh.’ It’s like when you’re on a juice cleanse and you stop by the pizzaria and you’re like, ‘Oh, shoot. What am I going to do?'”

King hopes that Lemon and Peter work out this time around, because she loves him just as much as the fans do. “I really like the idea of Lemon being with someone that is just a regular guy,” King says of Peter. “That’s who we typically fall in love with, you know? People that aren’t necessarily of the same breed, per se. That’s where you do find love.”

And that’s why King thinks Peter is perfect for Lemon. “With Peter, it’s not how he was born or the money that he has or where his stature is in life,” King says. “He is just this really beautiful, loving man and I think it’s really cool to see Lemon with someone like that. It shows a completely different side to her. When you see her in those scenes with Peter, she’s much more grounded and listens to her heart.”

And now that Lemon is questioning where her life should go next, maybe a little dash of Peter is exactly what she needs. Are you excited to see Peter back on “Hart of Dixie?”

“Hart of Dixie” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum