justin-jartley-rachel-bilson-hart-of-dixie.jpgIn the Monday, April 16, episode of The CW’s “Hart of Dixie,” called “Bachelorettes & Bullets,” romantic complications abound, starting with Dr. Zoe Hart’s (Rachel Bilson) flirtation with new patient Jesse (Justin Hartley), who invites her to lunch.

“Right, I know,” says Bilson, taking a break on the set of the Rammer Jammer Bar on the Warner Bros backlot in Burbank, Calif., during filming in January. “Temptation. But it’s fun. I’m curious. … I don’t know who Zoe’s going to wind up with, no clue.”

“He gets enamored by Zoe when he meets her,” says Hartley, sitting outside on the sunny but cool day. “They hit it off. They have chemistry, and they set up a lunch date. Chaos starts to ensue. He gets dragged all over the town. All the events are taking her out of the date.

“He follows her here; he follows her there. Things happen here and there, and then, before you know it, it’s all wrapped up at the end and figured out. There are some really funny moments in this one, actually.”

And there are some dramatic moments, including a tense scene involving rifles, Jesse and bartender Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel), who has a real problem with this guy courting Zoe, for reasons that will be revealed in the episode.

justin-hartley-rachel-bilson-wilson-bethel-hart-of-dixie.jpg“[Him] running up on a girl,” says Bethel, “whether or not he knew that I was interested in her, would not sit well with me. Expect to see that played out there. Anytime there’s a guest character on the show that deepens and enhances my understanding of my character, I’m grateful.”

Meanwhile, lawyer George (Scott Porter) is trying to figure out whether or not he actually saw his fiancee, Lemon (Jaime King), kissing town mayor Lavon (Cress Williams) — who, unbeknownst to George, was Lemon’s beau when George spent time away from Bluebell, Ala., in New York City — so he enlists Zoe and Wade to recreate the conditions of the smooch outside the Rammer Jammer so that he can test his memory.

Porter — who, on this day on set, is just about to pop the question to girlfriend Kelsey Mayfield — is worried what will happen if George’s romantic world crumbles around him.

wilson-bethel-rachel-bilson-hart-of-dixie-bachelorettes-bullets.jpg“He’s taking everyone at face value,” says Porter, “when everyone’s not on the level with him. It’s going to end up bringing him some pain, but I do love that. I do hope that he doesn’t become too jaded, when some events come to pass.”

Asked what he thinks might happen to George, Porter says, “I think George’s reaction is not going to be self-destructive, except for … it might be, in a way, but not in the typical way. I don’t know. George is going to have to grow up during this process.

“I feel like George is a man who hasn’t fully grown up and started appreciating the world as it really is, the reality of some situations.”

But, whatever happens with Lemon, there is always Zoe, who, despite a lingering attraction to Wade — with whom she made out in the show’s first episode — and the odd date, still harbors feelings for George.

“The fact that George is coming out of a serious relationship,” says Bilson, “It’s probably better for her to stay out of that drama. But there’s drama on the other side, too, just because of who Wade’s character is. I really don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare