hart of dixie miracles spoilers 'Hart of Dixie' mid season finale spoilers: A reunion, an injury, and a kiss in 'Miracles'

It seems like only yesterday that “Hart of Dixie” Season 3 premiered, bringing with it a newly confident Wade, an annoying Joel, and an insufferable Lynly, among other better and worse things. But Monday (Nov. 25) night, the mid-season finale will air, and Bluebell will never be the same.

Since Zap2it got the chance to watch the mid-season finale, “Miracles,” early, we thought we’d get into the Thanksgiving spirit early and really give you something to be thankful for: 10 spoilers from the jam-packed episode!

10. Although Zoe royally screwed up getting to know the Wilkes by lying about who she was while crashing her nephew’s party, when her uncle comes in to get treated, she sees a possible second chance at getting in with her paternal family.

9. Zoe’s encouraged to try again with the Wilkes by Joel’s grandma who is in town to celebrate Hanukah. However, neither Joel’s grandma nor Zoe actually know the true meaning of Hanukah, though it is entertaining to watch them try.

8. Zoe’s cousin Vivian does not agree with Zoe’s renewed attempts to familial bond. This certainly deters Zoe, but she gets encouragement from an unlikely source.

7. Wade desperately needs to see the dentist, but refuses to go. He also gets encouragement from an unlikely source.

6. Lemon is on a mission to find out if Shelby’s bun in her oven is actually Brick’s, so she enlists the help of George and Lynly to dig up the dirt. However, Brick is less gung-ho about fact-finding, and more into rekindling their relationship.

5. When George and Lynly fail, Lemon turns to someone she never thought she’d go to for help again, but the situation becomes dire when an injury changes her entire future.

4. Tansy returns to Bluebell, but Wade hates her new job. And while her reappearance in Bluebell is a good thing for Wade, it’s maybe not-so-good for George, especially since he just got Lavon onboard for his relationship with Lynly.

3. Wade takes too many anti-anxiety pills to help calm his dentist-fearing nerves, and the result is hilarious, shocking, and all-around perfect. It also leads him to make a huge decision that he may or may not regret the next day.

2. There’s a kiss that will simultaneously shock you and make you cheer. We can’t reveal who it is between, or the circumstances surrounding it, or how it affects anyone involved. But it’s amazing.

1. Zoe comes to a game-changing realization, but it might be too late. Sorry if that’s vague, but trust us when we say this changes everything.

“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum