hart of dixie miracles rant 'Hart of Dixie': Why I'm not happy with the Wade and Zoe bait and switch in 'Miracles'

On Monday (Nov. 25) night’s mid-season finale of “Hart of Dixie,” Zade (Zoe and Wade) fans were thrown for a loop.

After Wade took too many anti-anxiety meds to combat his fear of going to the dentist, he walked right up to Zoe and planted the kiss to end all kisses on her. He even said the meds were making him see “the truth” about his feelings for Zoe. So why aren’t Zade fans jumping up and down in excitement?

Because the next scene featured an angry Zoe standing by Wade’s bed the next morning waiting for him to wake up and apologize. Which he did, and agreed to never do anything like that again. There were no mentions of his feelings for her or her feelings for him, no discussion over what the kiss meant or what their relationship was. It was accepted by both parties that the kiss was wrong and nothing to celebrate.

And not only did “Hart of Dixie” take away any good feelings of the kiss for Zade fans, but it also gave us something to truly fear: a relationship between Wade and Zoe’s cousin Vivian.

After Tansy gave Wade the advice to move on from his feelings for Zoe (nooooo!) and date a more mature (and available) woman, he ran into Vivian who he knew from childhood (Bluebell is a small town after all). The newly divorced mother of one represented everything Tansy told Wade to go after, and the spark was ignited.

“Hart of Dixie” bosses Leila Gerstein and Les Butler revealed to Zap2it that the Wade and Vivian flirtation was no fluke: they’re going there when “HoD” returns in 2014. And sure, when Zoe saw that something was brewing between Wade and Vivian she looked crestfallen and deflated. After the kiss, did she realize that she had pushed Wade away one too many times? Was seeing him go after another woman the kick in the pants Zoe needed to admit — at least to herself — that she did still love Wade too late?

And kick Zoe while she’s down: Wade’s new love interest is none other than Zoe’s cousin who she had just begun a good relationship with. Why couldn’t Wade’s new girl be some floozy who got drunk at the Rammer Jammer? Because then we’d have a legitimate reason to hate her. But nope: Vivian was fleshed out beyond her former ice queen exterior. She was a mother of one going through a tough divorce and she showed compassion about her grandfather and to Zoe. By the end of the episode, we loved Vivian … and so seeing her with Wade hurt that much more.

What do you think about Wade’s new, blossoming relationship with Vivian? Are you happy to see him move on after Zoe’s constant denials about her feelings for him, or are you upset to see another wrench thrown into the Zade relationship? 

“Hart of Dixie” returns Monday, Jan. 13, 2014, on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum