hart of dixie lemon skypes in 'Hart of Dixie' recap: Lemon's (kind of) back to save the day

The hero of Monday (Jan. 20) night’s “Hart of Dixie” was Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) … and she wasn’t even in Bluebell.

Even though Lemon was still off taking care of her grandma, she skyped in to give a pep talk to every character to help save Bluebell and her dad’s situation with Shelby (though he didn’t really need her help after all but more on that in a bit).

First up for a Lemon pep talk: Lavon. The mayor’s been eating his feelings in ice cream because he’s done all he can to stop the merger with Fillmore and nothing’s worked. He’s out of plans and any hope that he can stop Fillmore from taking over Bluebell. That is, until Lemon talks some sense back into him. If she can convince the Belles to get the Governor’s sister, Miss Matthews, into town, and they convince her that Bluebell is worth saving, then she’ll convince her brother to leave Bluebell separate from Fillmore.

Next up for a skype session: The Belles. Lemon gets the Belles to use their sorority and family connections set up a meeting with Miss Matthews. Once she arrives in town, however, she figures out their ulterior motives and threatens to leave so Cricket pulls the spark plug out of her car, forcing her to stay another night. After another motivational speech from Lemon, Lavon convinces Miss Matthews to give Bluebell a chance, which she does after seeing a sign for Shelby’s cabaret. Apparently, she loves cabarets.

One slight problem: Another one of Lemon’s skype sessions was with her father to tell him to tank Shelby’s cabaret to drive Shelby out of town (she was driving Brick crazy with all her demands). So Brick convinced Shelby to hire Zoe as the director — and Zoe’s the most uncreative person ever. But now the cabaret sucks and Lavon needs to be great to impress Miss Matthews. Oops?

Zoe accepted the directing position to prove to Joel and Wade that she was creative, but they both didn’t believe her and Joel made her realize that her show sucked by watching it just once. Okay, while we agree that her show wasn’t the best, it wasn’t terrible (we actually kind of thought it was hilariously campy in a good way) and we did not like that Joel didn’t even give Zoe a chance. He just assumed it would be bad. Yet another reason we’re not a fan of him.

Even though Shelby gets put on bed rest due to her pregnancy and low blood pressure, she ends up saving the cabaret by having people wheel her around onstage while she sings the closing number, impressing Miss Matthews. But the thing that impressed Miss Matthews the most was how much everyone in Bluebell cared about their town, and she agreed to convince her brother, the Governor, to come down to Bluebell to see for himself. Lavon’s one step closer to saving Bluebell! Also, Brick realized he loved Shelby and didn’t want her to leave town, they kissed, and promised that they would keep it a secret from Lemon. Ha, good luck with that!

While all of that was going down, Lemon skyped in to tell George to distract Fillmore’s lawyer/Tansy’s boyfriend Scooter so that he can’t sabotage Miss Matthews’ day in Bluebell. That means that George and Lynly have the spend the day on a double date with Tansy and Scooter, after Lynly caught George dreaming about Tansy and saying her name in his sleep. Oops?

To make matters even more awkward, Tansy warns George that Lynly has “crazy eyes” and that he shouldn’t be dating her, which we totally agree with. After Scooter acts like a jerk to Tansy (well, to be fair, she did confess to spying on him to help his opposition), he storms off and George, Lynly, and Tansy day drink. Lynly passes out early and George and Tansy end up bonding — like, really close, drunken bonding where George puts his jacket around her shoulders and she says she never should have let him go. And then Lynly overhears everything. There’s some major trouble coming for this love triangle.

Also, Vivian was pulling away from her relationship with Wade because she’s a single mom and can’t stay out late and was embarrassed to tell him that. But he confronts her about it maturely and they act like adults and it was all very civil and grown up and not dramatic. They end up having a chill night watching TV while her son slept upstairs and there wasn’t really any problem, which bothers us to no end. How is Zoe going to win Wade back when she finally realizes she loves him if he’s in a mature, drama-free, easy-going relationship?

Also, if we can incorporate Rachel Bilson singing about E. Coli in every episode, that would be amazing, please and thank you.

“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum