hart of dixie recap episode 4 'Hart of Dixie' recap: Robert Buckley's Peter charms the pants off of Lemon

Can Robert Buckley become a series regular on “Hart of Dixie?” There was just something so unbelievably likeable about his character Peter, who showed up during Monday (Oct. 28) night’s all-new episode, “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” and we don’t judge Lemon one bit for her one night stand with the guy she just met. He was charming, adorable, funny, sweet, and said all the right things to remind Lemon that she was a catch … regardless of what Grandma Betty said.

So how did Lemon meet her hero? After being blacklisted from the fancy Halloween soiree in Mobile thanks to her denouncement of the Bluebell Belles, Lemon was desperate for an invitation. After checking her ego at the door and begging an unwavering Cricket for an invite, Lemon was forced to call her grandma, who was described as the Don Corleone of the southern social party, the President of the United States … “but with power,” and is also one very unlikeable woman. She came to town to help Lemon “resurrect her social standing from the dead,” and set her up with an eligible bachelor for the ball.

It turns out, however, that Grandma Betty’s idea of a good date is someone with a respectable family tree, and not respectable manners. Tanner Hughes ends up being an insufferable tool with a creepy affinity for horses — he legit believes that horses are more evolved than people, and therefore called Lemon a thoroughbred as a compliment. He also changed her drink order and bragged about owning his own plane. Just ick.

Luckily for Lemon, the guy she had so rudely brushed off earlier that day at the Rammer Jammer (she had just been spurned by Cricket, to be fair) ran into her at the party. Peter gave Lemon some tips on how to ruffle Tanner’s feathers, and the two have so much fun distressing Tanner that they ditch the party together. He even offered to stand up to her bully of a grandma, and with that, Lemon was head over heels for the guy. She spent the night with him, and he even missed his plane to Ireland the next morning (he’s a news producer that travels the world for work) just to spend a few more hours with her.

Peter doesn’t have any plans to be near Bluebell in the near future, but after his night with Lemon, you can bet he’ll be planning something soon. Both he and Lemon were so happy together, and if Lemon’s got a new spring in her step after just one night, think of what a full-blown relationship with Peter will do for her. Seriously, bring Buckley back for more “Hart of Dixie,” ASAP.

Besides Lemon meeting the man of her (and our) dreams, what else happened in “Help Me Make It Through the Night?”

— Wade spent the entire episode hooking up with married women and women with boyfriends the size of mountains. George hit the nail on the head when he told Wade that he’s only sleeping with unavailable women because the one unavailable woman he wants (cough Zoe cough) he can’t have. See, there is still hope for Zade! Even George can see it. Plus, when Zoe got extremely upset when Joel tried to be friends with Wade. That’s a huge red flag right there, but Joel is too blind to see it.

— The person standing in the way of Zade, a.k.a. the worst person ever, Joel, was still having trouble making friends in Bluebell. Lavon clearly hates him (Gee, we wonder why? Oh right, it’s because Joel sucks), so Zoe took it upon herself to bridge the “mathlete athlete divide.” It ended up working, after spending the night over at Lavon’s for a game of celebrity, the two actually bonded and go on a road trip later with Wade. Though the bonding didn’t happen without a few bumps here and there, because this is Bluebell. But it looks like Joel is growing on both Wade and Lavon? He’s still not growing on us.

— During her yearly physical, Zoe found a growth on AnnaBeth’s ovary. She went with AnnaBeth to the hospital to run some tests, and while waiting for results, AB freaked out over maybe not being able to have children when all she wants is to give Lavon a whole football team of babies. She ends up ruining Lavon’s big date night he had planned because she couldn’t stop worrying … but it ended up being just a benign cyst. And as for Lavon’s big surprise? It wasn’t a proposal, it was a horror movie.

— Lavon loves Beyonce! This is amazing. He calls her Queen B, and Sasha Fierce, and even kisses her concert tickets. Oh my god. Amazing.

What did you think of Buckley’s Peter? Do you want to see him return to Bluebell ASAP? Of course you do.

“Hart of Dixie” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum