wilson bethel hod 'Hart of Dixie' scoop: More Wade on the way, plus Lemon's song and danceWhen we first fell in love with “Hart of Dixie,” we figured that George (Scott Porter) would be the romantic lead — but over the last few months, we’ve found ourselves rooting for the rough-and-tumble redneck charm Wade (Wilson Bethel) brings to the table more and more.

Of course, when we caught up with executive producer Leila Gerstein at the Television Critics Association press tour party last week, we made sure to prod her for all the Wade scoop we could possibly get. “We knew that we had a star when we cast Wilson Bethel as Wade,” she teases, adding that in the second half of the season they’ll be amping up the love triangle big time. “I think that the love triangles and the shifting focus as to who we want her to be with is what’s going to keep the show interesting.”

If you loved the scenes between Wade and his boozehound father as much as we did, you’re in luck — more of Wade’s background will be explored very soon. “We will be meeting another family member of Wade’s coming up in the future,” Gerstein says. “We’ll be learning more about Wade and we’ll see more of Wade and Zoe together.”

Speaking of family members, Gary Cole was recently cast as Rachel Bilson‘s father on the show — and Gerstein tells us that things will be pretty tense when he comes to town. “I think Zoe still has not really dealt with the fall-out of what she found out in the pilot,” she explains. “It’s really big news, and she hasn’t addressed it. She will have to turn to her father in a moment of crisis and he’ll come to Bluebell.”

hod jaime king sad lemon 'Hart of Dixie' scoop: More Wade on the way, plus Lemon's song and danceWhen the series began, we loved to hate Lemon (Jaime King) but after getting to know her a little better — particularly given the situation with her mom — we’re definitely warming up to her. “I hope people root for Lemon, because I root for Lemon,” Gerstein says. “She is a deeply conflicted person. She is by far our most complex character. She’s has some major flaws, but though she does everything the wrong way, her heart is in general in the right place.”

But is that place with George or with Lavon? “I have a small cast,” laughs Gerstein, suggesting that eventually, all avenues will be explored. “Everything will go further. I will say that right now, I think Lemon feels more like she loves George than she does Levon.”

Get ready to see a new side of Lemon very soon. “I will just say that in episode 14, Lemon has to act like someone completely the opposite of Lemon, and she will shock you and you will fall in love with her and it’s amazing,” she gushes.

After that, King will have the chance to show off some skills you may not have known she’s got. “We have a couple of musical numbers coming up that I’m very excited
about,” reveals Gerstein. “They’re doing a big Man Of the Year celebration coming up in Episode 16 and Lemon and the Belles perform a little song and dance
routine. Jaime is an incredible dancer and incredible singer.”

“Hart of Dixie” returns with new episodes at 9 p.m. EST on January 23.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie