Hart of Dixie1.jpgZap2it hit the red carpet for the 33rd College Television Awards where we got to chat with Scott Porter and Cress Williams from “Hart of Dixie.” Big things are coming in the season finale. The two reveal that there will indeed be a wedding and three wedding dresses. Here’s what they had to say.

“Whether it’s a dream or in real life, who knows what we’re going to hurdle towards,” Porter says of the wedding. “The important part is how we get to the season finale. We’ve been waiting all season for … we’ve been kind of playing with Jenga blocks. Pulling them out, poking at them and waiting for that one to come out that makes them all come tumbling down. Now you’re going to see everything start to unravel. Some crazy things start happening. People start acting in different ways. Some get more passive, others get more aggressive. People kind of fall into the background and try to figure their life out.”

Williams jokes about the dresses. Three dresses in the finale. I wear all three. An eggshell number and a champagne number … just kidding. I don’t wear them.” He gets serios after that. “Secrets get revealed, and because of that, things get messy. There is a cliffhanger at the end.” I can tell you that the Lemon (Jaime King) and Levon (Williams) thing gets revealed. And that creates a whole bunch of mess.”

Porter gave us a peek at what the secret will do to the town. “It’s this terrible thing that everybody thought they had to tell George but nobody could bring themselves to do it. For George, who was just voted Man of the Year and who has spent his entire life trying to care for other people, for him to be betrayed like this, it has a profound effect on everyone.”

All new episodes of “Hart of Dixie” return to The CW on April 9.

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