hart of dixie george zoe 'Hart of Dixie': Scott Porter dishes on the Zoe and George kissIt’s the moment at least half of the “Hart of Dixie” fans were waiting for — while in New Orleans trying to process the fact that his fiance cheated on him, George (Scott Porter) finally gave in to his obvious attraction to Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and they kissed on the dance floor. Porter tells Zap2it that their moment was a long time coming.

“The one thing about Zoe that I always say for George is that she’s a
window into a different life for him,” Porter explains. “He’s made decisions that have
brought him back to Bluebell because he felt in his soul that it’s
ultimately where he belongs. But every time he sits and talks with Zoe it’s almost as if he
gets teleported somewhere else and it’s just him and her and he lets
go. He can talk about all of these things that he keeps bottled up
because she’s the only one that’s been where he’s been. She’s a bit of a
window for him into a life that he could have led.”

So, while he and Zoe danced together in N’awlins, that window opened up. “In that moment on the dance floor, I think that’s exactly what
happened. He’s not only physically in a different place, as far as being
in New Orleans, but he’s mentally in a different place as well. He
takes himself out of all of the troubles of his life. It’s just him
and her, and there’s something to be said for a connection that can do
that to somebody.”

Of course, George finally realized the ramifications of what happened once the house band started playing his and Lemon’s wedding song, snapping him out of his denial phase and sending him back to Bluebell to deal with his problems.

“It’s like having a dream, and all of a sudden a jackhammer starts up outside your window. You could be on a beautiful beach somewhere in your dreams, and then this jackhammer starts going off in your dream and you start to look around and you wake up — that’s what that song is for him,” Porter says. “It’s kind of that real life noise that just interrupts everything and makes him literally wake up and say ‘This isn’t going away; there’s too much history here.’ He can’t go back home and not deal with this.”

The fact that both Zoe and George realize that the timing isn’t right is a mature way of handling the situation, Porter says. “I think there’s something to be said for the maturity of these two people, that they have a moment and then they say ‘Look, maybe in a different life, who knows, but for now we have to put it on pause.'”

He continues: “Someone just could look at it as an immature way of dealing with things as far as George leaving and going to New Orleans and ignoring everything, but I challenge any of those people to kind of look at their own life and ask themselves if this happened to them, how they would react. Ultimately George realizes that these are things you have to deal with. This is not the right way to go about things. The moment is wonderful, and it’s back to life.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley