scott porter singing hart of dixie 'Hart of Dixie': Scott Porter says 'You'll see a different George' at the end of Season 1After your fiance cheats on you and you call off your wedding, it’s only natural to be a little lost. That’s exactly what’s happening to George Tucker on “Hart of Dixie,” Scott Porter tells Zap2it. While Porter’s character is usually an upstanding guy who does the right thing, this complete upheaval in his personal life leads the lawyer to question all of his actions.

“You’ll see a different George in the last four episodes [of Season 1],” Porter explains. “You’re going to
see a George who’s adrift as far as his emotions go and as far as where
he thinks his future is going to lie. A lot of thoughts are going to go
through his head. You know — maybe I can look past this. Maybe I can
work this out. Maybe I have to leave town. Maybe I have to get out of
here, I can’t stay. It’s all those very real emotions that you find out
when an affair like this happens.”

During “Destiny & Denial,” George takes an impromptu trip to New Orleans instead of dealing with the whole calling off his wedding situation — yes, he’s in complete denial that his fiance cheated on him with his good friend.

“I think George is such a genuinely good guy and he’s valiant in
his desire to help other people and to try and fix
things,” Porter says. “He looks at the situation he’s gotten himself into and says, ‘After everything I’ve done for everyone else, where did it get me?’ He realizes that he’s got to look out for number one in this case —
and it’s kind of the wrong time to do it.”

George knows running away from his problems is the wrong reaction, but he does it anyway. “This is the one time he needs to sit down and hash it out, and he
just can’t bring himself to do it. He says, ‘You know what, I’m going to
do exactly what George Tucker wants to do here. To hell with everything
else. I’m going to heal by doing things for me,’ and his timing’s just a
little off.”

While unfortunate for George, it’s good news for viewers as he heads to a dive bar in N’awlins and blows off steam by singing the classic tune “Jambalaya” and hanging out with “American Idol” alum Scotty McCreery (really). For Porter, who is a trained musical theater vet, the episode allowed him to tap into his old skills.

“It was a lot of fun being able to get back to my roots little bit and sing and dance and just have a good time. I was necessary for me as an actor and for George as a character to kind of cut loose and for everyone to be able to see that side of him that really exists when he’s not under all the undue pressure that he puts himself under. He takes a lot of responsibility on his shoulders that he doesn’t always have to, and it was nice to just see him let all of it go.”

While freeing, the experience wasn’t all fun. “I was just focused on trying to out-sing Scotty McCreery,” he jokes. “I never
got on ‘American Idol’ so I had to try it. No, I’m kidding. You know, it
was fun to get back and kind of put my twist on such a great song. I
mean, the artists that have done ‘Jambalaya’ over the years are all rock
‘n roll legends or jazz legends, so it was kind of fun to put a little
country bend on it and kind of see where it took us.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley