hart of dixie season 2 premiere zoe lemon 'Hart of Dixie' Season 2 premiere: Zoe chooses between Wade and GeorgeThe “Hart of Dixie” Season 2 premiere saw the residents of Bluebell cleaning up their town after a major storm passed through, while Zoe did some cleanup of her own — in her love life, as she finally chose between Wade and George. So, who’d she pick?

In short: No one. Does that seem like a cop out? It seems like a cop out. But when you think about it, Zoe made the most logical choice. As she explained to George, he’s not in the right place to go into another serious relationship right away. If they’re meant to be, they’ll come together in the future.

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Speaking of coming together — Wade realized that Zoe still has feelings for George so he put up a wall and wouldn’t allow Zoe to even discuss maybe having a relationship. But that doesn’t mean he can’t help her bring up her sex game to an A. Those two look great together so it’s fine that they’re only hooking up at this point. Their attraction could evolve into something more.

The episode also introduced us to the newest belle in Bluebell, Ruby. She was Lavon’s high school sweetheart — until he unceremoniously dumped her when he went off to become a college football star. So naturally, now that this confident, successful businesswoman is back in town, there’s plenty of tension. They’re totally going to get back together, right? (Thats where it appears to be heading.)

As for Lemon, she actually seems to be dealing with the breakup well — or as well as she can. She realized that she’s never actually been independent before, and figured the first thing a newly single 30-year-old woman should do is get her first job. The hostage situation was hilarious, and honestly it did make sense that Lemon would seek advice from Zoe.

What did you think of the “Hart of Dixie” Season 2 premiere? Did Zoe make the right choice?

Posted by:Jean Bentley