Thumbnail image for Wilson-Bethel-Rachel-Bilson-Hart-of-Dixie-Bachelorettes-Bullets.jpgThe you-know-what really hit the fan in “Hart of Dixie” when George found out about Lemon’s dalliance with Lavon during the “Bachelorettes & Bullets” episode and called off their wedding. But just because his whole world has come crashing down doesn’t mean his future is bleak.

Creator Leila Gerstein tells Zap2it in an interview with small group of reporters that good things will come for Bluebell, Alabama’s hottest lawyer. “We’re really excited about what’s going to happen to George,” Gerstein says. “The episode following [‘Bachelorettes & Bullets’] is an enormous episode for George, in terms of how he reacts to this news. It’s a bombshell. His whole life has changed. Everything he thought he knew was wrong. The future is wide open.”

Lemon, on the other hand, will be going through some difficult times throughout the rest of the season. “She would do anything to get George back, and she will try almost
everything,” Gerstein says. “She’s at a low point, and she still feels like there’s a
fighting chance. She’s going to give her everything to get him

Adds star Wilson Bethel, who plays oft-shirtless bartender Wade, Lemon is “not a passive participant in anything. So she
goes back full bore with the kind of tenacity that we’ve come to
expect from ‘lil Miss Lemon.”

The whole love triangle/marriage breakup won’t be fun for anyone, says Cress Williams, although Lavon will try his best to fix things. “What I love about Lavon is that he takes responsibility for it and he’s trying to make it right,” he says. And what of Lemon and Lavon? “Damage control.”

What about Wade and Zoe, whose relationship took another turn when it was revealed that Zoe’s new love interest, the mysterious stranger played by Justin Hartley, turned out to be Wade’s brother Jesse: Could they ever actually get together? Don’t rule it out.

“As I think has proven to be the recurring theme of the season, there’s a lot of ebb and flow. So I think we’re back into an ebb phase,” Bethel says. But don’t worry — “before the end of the season there will be another flow. I think for some people it’s started to maybe feel like a tease, but I think the payoff is worth it, by the end of the season, to see where it ultimately ends up. So if people can, at this point, will themselves into a few more episodes sans the prickly banter, it’ll pay off by the finale.”

Don’t rule out George and Zoe, though. “The triangle of George, Wade and Zoe … changes from week to week. The fact that George knows the truth about Lemon is going to change things in every single triangle,” says Gerstein. “There’s ripple effects everywhere.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley