hod tim matheson rachel bilson 'Hart of Dixie': Will Rachel Bilson finally take down the grumpy town doc?We’ve two episodes in to “Hart of Dixie,” and we’re already incredibly invested in the sweet, charming story of Bluebell, Alabama — and, of course, in Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and her progress as the new doctor in town.

In the first two episodes, Zoe didn’t have much luck facing off against veteran Bluebell practitioner Brick (Tim Matheson). Have no fear, “Dixie” fans — Zoe will earn Brick’s respect — and the respect of the town — sooner than you think.

We attended a Q&A with the cast and executive producer Leila Gerstein on Monday, and Gerstien assured us that Zoe and Brick would come to a bit of an understanding in the strangest of places… the Great Gumbo Showdown.

“Tonight is a big episode between Zoe and Brick,” Gerstein teases. “Zoe is going to take on Brick Breeland in the gumbo contest. It’s a very big Brick/Zoe episode. They end in a very different place.”

It’s about time we see Zoe have a triumph and prove to Brick that they can both operate in Bluebell!

By the time the heat wave hits the town in next week’s super-steamy episode, Brick and Zoe will have developed a degree of mutual respect. Don’t get us wrong — they still mostly want to kill each other, and they’re very vocal about it. But they’ll always have Gumbo.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. EST on The CW! In the meantime, check out our Twitter contest to find out how you can win some huge CW prize packages just by tweeting about your favorite shows.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie