jaime king july 2012 gi 'Hart of Dixie's' Jaime King: Lemon's break up 'will be good for her'It looks like Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) will be taking up a new, unexpectedly un-Lemon-like routine on Season 2 of “Hart of Dixie.”

Yes, that’s right. Now that Lemon is no longer with George Tucker (Scott Porter), the actress tells Zap2it to watch out for this Belle’s transition into a more independent woman.

“You’ll see a lot of Lemon gung-ho: becoming her own person, finding a job, getting out on her own, getting away from her family, her dad’s house.”

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She continues, “It’s gonna be really good for her — to see her out on her own, trying to do something different, not dependent on a guy for her happiness.”

But what does this newfound independence mean for the recently freed-up Lemon and her former love, Mayor Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams)?
“I don’t know if it’s platonic or romantic. It seems like it might be. Who knows…?” she teases.

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And as always, her rivalry with Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) rivalry will continue.

King says, “We always have to be so antagonistic towards each other…but [the writers] give us moments where we actually get to connect with each other on a really human level.” 

“Hart of Dixie” returns to The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 8p.m. ET.
Posted by:Teny Akay