Is Jennifer Aniston a pathetic cougar or a pathetic groupie? Or both?

JenniferanistonjohnmayerIf the former "Friends" star put as much effort into her film career as she has into following her new boy toy, singer John Mayer, around like a  puppy while he’s on tour in Europe and the states, she might actually have a film career.

Does she have nothing better to do than trot around with John Mayer to Amsterdam, around England, to St. Louis, to Milwaukee, taking photos of him while he performs onstage? This is soooo high school.

And now’s he’s making jokes about sleeping in his own bed, presumably meaning hers? Or theirs.


Anyway, here’s John’s tour sked (until Aug. 31) in case you want to know where Jennifer Aniston spent her summer vacation.

My advice: Jen, you’re a grown woman. Stop following the baby rock star.

He’s only gonna dump you when he meets a more famous blond babe and then you’ll be publicly humiliated and don’t say your fans didn’t warn you. It’ll be way worse than that Angelina Jolie raw deal.

Photos: John onstage at Mountain View, Calif. Jen taking photos of John onstage in London on June 28: "Oh, my rock star boyfriend is so hot. Gosh, this makes me feel really young again!" Credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead