MeghanmccainWhy did Sen. John McCain‘s daughter Meghan McCain buddy around with "The Hills" star Heidi Montag and go to one of the most chic (and most expensive) salons in Hollywood to get her hair cut and colored?

It may seem odd considering her presumptive Republican presidential candidate dad’s recent celebrity slam ad using Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to poke fun at his presidential rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

But Meghan had a darned good reason. She needed to look like a glamorous Hollywood celebrity to go on her dad’s campaign trail, which she’s writing about on her blog McCainblogette.

On her website, we learn that her previous job experiences include working at "SNL" and Newsweek. Oh, and she’s a Scorpio.

Heather Brand is the site’s contributing photographer. She’s an Aries. And then there’s producer Shannon Bae, a Sagittarius. Why we need to know these women’s astrological signs, we’re not quite sure.

On her blog, you can read also Meghan’s scintillating reports from her travels, such as:

"On Friday, we traveled to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines and visited ‘Freight Train,’ the largest pig at the Fair.  Freight Train weighs in at a hefty 1,523 lbs.!"

You can also see photos of Meghan signing McCain hats, playing with plastic cockroaches, eating dinner with Dad on the plane, then giggling because ohmygosh, Dad’s snoring. (Geezer needs his sleep, girls.)

And if you compare the photos of the newly celebritized Meghan on her blog to this 2004 shot of her, you can see what a huge difference a sprinkle of magic celebrity pixie dust can make.

In the recent photos on her blog, her hair always looks simply fabulous, courtesy of Negin Zand and Matthew Shields, two of Hollywood’s hottest celeb hair colorist/stylists, as we reported two weeks ago. This Dream Team is now working out of Sally Hershberger‘s new salon on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood.

To see who else’s hair Meghan’s hairdressers make look fabulous, click here. You will not believe this celebrity-centric list, Sen. McCain. We’re talking Angelina Jolie and….

Photo: McCain and Meghan at the 2004 Writers Guild of America East Awards.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead