rob ford toronto mayor crack house globe and mail Has Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack house been found?

According to a mysterious video, Mayor Rob Ford once smoked crack. He definitely posed for a photo with a young man, Anthony Smith, who was later gunned down and killed. And now, it seems that the house where Ford posed for that unfortunate photo has been found.

The Mayor crack house was identified by reporters at the Toronto Star, who compared the photo of Ford and Smith to a home located not far from where the newspaper’s reporters had watched the video. The Star determined that the background was the garage located at 15 Windsor Rd. in the Etobicoke section of Toronto.

toronto mayor crack house rob ford windsor road google street Has Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack house been found?This isn’t just your normal house either. Neighbors have voiced concerns about possible drug activity around the home, and police even responded to an assault call at the address on May 21. Although there is no indication that the video is in any way connected to the assault, it’s yet another strange wrinkle in the overall case.

None of the residents of the identified house seem interested in talking to reporters about the issue. Elena Basso, one of the many family members in residence at the house warned reporters off: “Rob Ford’s the greatest mayor ever. You guys are scavengers. You come back to my house, I’ll call the police.”

rob ford crack house photo identified toronto mayor gawker Has Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's crack house been found?But what about the video at the center of this story? The public first learned about the video’s probable existence when Gawker began what it called a “Crackstarter” campaign to raise the six-figure sum demanded by the video’s owner.

That campaign is over, and Gawker did indeed raise the money required to move forward. There’s only one big problem: The owner of the video says it is now “gone.” Gawker received no more information about what that might mean and is thus left holding close to $200,000 in funding. The plan is either to wait for the video to resurface or to donate the money to a Canadian anti-drug charity.

For his part, Mayor Rob Ford has denied that he uses crack cocaine and has publicly declared the video to be nonexistent.

Posted by:Laurel Brown