Be honest, “Haven” fans: How many of you had bad dreams after watching the fanged-and-clawed monster children of “Lost and Found”? It’s a safe bet that many did after a creepy — yet illuminating — episode like that.

But questions about interrupted sleep patterns are not the only queries one might have after the most recent “Haven” installment. How could they be, considering that this is the Season 4 episode that brought Audrey/Lexie (Emily Rose) back to Maine from … wherever she was.

Here are the top 10 burning questions left over from “Lost and Found”:

10. What would have happened to Audrey if Jennifer hadn’t opened the door on her end?

9. Does Duke really just keep two “Karate Kid”-style headbands on-hand?

8. Since only Nathan seems to be thinking about the poor guy at all, are we ever going to get an answer as to what happened to James?

7. How much, if anything, will Audrey/Lexie remember from her time in the bar(n)?

6. Where and what is “the room” that Vince and Dave mentioned — and why are they keeping it a secret from everyone else?

5. How much did Lexie enjoy that passionate and lengthy kiss with Nathan, a guy she — moments later — admitted she didn’t recognize?

4. Where do the fanged and clawed Douen kids on “Haven” land in the pantheon of creepy horror kids? I’m guessing somewhere in the “Ring” girl/“Children of the Corn” zone.

3. What got Dave so freaked out about Audrey returning to town?

2. If the barn is “a space between worlds,” does that mean Audrey and/or people like William and Agent Howard come from some other world?

1. Who the bleep is William?

There are no answers right now. All we can do is hope that “Haven” provides them at some point in the (very near) future.

“Haven” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown