Not even a Trouble involving independently roving killer blood could keep “Haven” from giving fans a glimpse at the truth in “Bad Blood.” We now know where Lexie/Audrey is.

Closing time at the bar(n)

We’ve known something weird was going on with William (Colin Ferguson) for awhile now. If nothing else, the guy is way too mysterious to not have secrets up the wazoo. Plus, he obviously knows Lexie (Emily Rose) is also Audrey (also Emily Rose), even if he can’t tell her that right away.

What we didn’t know is that the bar isn’t real.

Did you notice before that no one ever said where the barn is? Or that Lexie’s shift never ends? As it turns out, none of that was an accident. Instead, Lexie is in some weird, alcoholic limbo. None of it — not even the people — is real.

The only real parts are William (probably) and Lexie herself. That’s because Lexie/Audrey never left the barn. She just turned it into a bar (by dropping the “n” and adding booze). Unfortunately, said barn is in the process of imploding, meaning that Lexie has to get the heck out of wherever she is.

We can only hope that William has an answer for that little issue.

So that makes William …?

Please pause for a moment and throw all of your theories about William out the window. Whoever or whatever he is, William isn’t exactly normal. Yes, the guy could still be an Agent Howard replacement, but every other theory is toast.

That’s the only explanation when the guy can magically teleport back to his bar stool after Lexie kicks him out of the joint at gunpoint. William’s identity is thus a big question.

A bigger question: Will William make it out of the barn, or is he part of it?

Meanwhile back in Haven, there’s serial-killer blood

Do you ever wonder why anyone continues to live in Haven? I mean, this town has a really high mortality rate for an idyllic hamlet in coastal Maine. You would think this might lead to some serious depopulation at some point.

Whatever the emigration patterns of the town, at least four Havenites were forcibly removed from the population by a vengeful puddle of blood.

Yes, it’s a Trouble. Some angry janitor guy cut his hand right after his wife died of cancer. This made the blood go on a rampage, slowly making its way through the town in a quest to kill Nathan Wuornos (aka, the focus of all rage).

The heroes eventually do stop the killer plasma when it’s cornered in the police station. Jordan — in full-on “I hate my awful life and am willing to just die if necessary” mode — first tries to shock the blood. That only kind of works.

Duke, on the other hand, does very well with his “evil sponge” thing. Sure, he goes all silver-eyed Hulk for a short while, but no real damage is done.

For now anyway. Considering that Troubled-blood absorption hits Duke like a heroin rush, this could all get very, very bad very, very quickly. Especially if big brother Wade doesn’t skip town any time soon.

Jennifer isn’t crazy, Audrey isn’t dead

As suspected, Jennifer Mason isn’t schizophrenic. She’s Troubled. With the meds washed out of her system, Jennifer suddenly hears the oft-annoying sounds of Lexie’s bar. This will probably become very important very soon.

It may also mean that Jennifer has a very special place in this whole Troubled mess — more important than some ordinary Trouble.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave head to New Hampshire to make sure a body does not belong to Audrey Parker. This causes them vague and mysterious angst. We are going to learn more about these two soon, right? Right???

Anyway, the important thing here is that the dead body looks nothing at all like Audrey.

She isn’t dead. Not until the barn finishes imploding anyway.

Posted by:Laurel Brown