emily rose haven 'Haven': Emily Rose hails the show's king ... Stephen KingEmily Rose is satisfied that Stephen King is satisfied with “Haven,” even if she hasn’t heard it from him directly.

The second season of the Syfy series based on iconic novelist King’s story “The Colorado Kid” begins Friday, July 15. It has some big questions to resolve, none bigger than whether FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose) is who she says she is — since the first season ended with another Audrey Parker arriving in the deceptively tranquil Maine town of Haven, claiming she was the “real” one.

“We haven’t really heard back from him as of late,” Rose tells Zap2it about King, “but it’s exciting to me that he’s got to be watching our work. We’ve been told that things get run by him, in terms of his signing off on stuff because his name is on it. Last season, the note from him was, ‘As creepy as you want to make it, keep going in that direction.’ If anything, I take that as a sign of approval, which I’m definitely content with.”

Even without much direct feedback from King, his admirers aren’t shy about letting the makers of television and movie adaptations know how they feel. “It’s one of those things where everybody has their own take,” Rose reasons. “We have two types of fans: the ones who are just so happy that there’s something of Stephen King’s with his tonality, and the diehards who are defenders of the truth of his work.

“Either way, it’s an honor that people are paying attention and watching. We definitely do not take it lightly that we are portraying his genre, but we also try to make it our own, because we have to take ownership of what we do.”

Previously seen on “Brothers & Sisters” and “John From Cincinnati,” the Los Angeles-based Rose makes “Haven” in Nova Scotia, an environment she’s gotten used to … as best she can, anyway, especially when it turns really cold.

Season 1 of “Haven” is slated for DVD and Blu-ray release Tuesday, June 14. Rose says that for the eventual Season 2 set, “In the special features, I’d like to include a game called, ‘Let’s Name How Many Hot Packs Emily Has Under Her Wardrobe for the Day.’ The first half of the season, if you see any added padding around my jacket, it’s probably because I have a hot pack at the base of my neck, one at the base of my back, two on the front side of me and two in my pockets.

“It’s one thing to shoot and be able to be all bundled up, but it’s another to be in that weather and look like you’re not really layered up. I will say that we couldn’t shoot this anywhere else, though. The weather adds to the gritty quality, coupled with the fact that we’re one of the last shows in North America actually being filmed on film. You get that depth and that richness and variety of color, which you don’t get by going digital. You’re able to see all the way out to sea.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin