Everything is changing in “Haven,” and most of the changes are not for the better. A second handprint incident brings about implosions in “Crush” — and not even Audrey’s normal assistance can help much.

Is the town doomed? If not the town, then what about Audrey and Nathan? Find out in this recap.

Duke fails to convince anyone he’s not a hero

Duke likes to think he’s a selfish criminal, doesn’t he?

He really isn’t so bad though. When your worst crime is kicking out Jennifer and yelling at Nathan and Audrey, you might be a good guy. Sure, Duke killed Wade as well, but that was for the greater good. And he’s sorry about it, so it’s OK. (That’s how things work on TV. Don’t question it.)

Anyway, Duke has decided that since he’s rid of his Trouble, he might as well get out of Haven altogether. But the Troubles have other plans for Duke — he isn’t getting away any time soon. Too many people need saving.

Naked cooking with Nathan and Audrey!

Naturally, a morning-after for Audrey and Nathan involves pancakes. That’s lovely, although one has to wonder if clothes-free cooking is a good choice for Nathan and his inability to feel pain. The burns could be very, very bad.

But Audrey saves Nathan with a little more PDA. And then Vince shows up, which ends the pancake-making in a different way. Nathan does manage to slip out the back, so Vince doesn’t know about the pancakes or the “pancakes.”

This is good, considering that Vince demands Nathan hurry along Lexie falling in love and then killing him.

The Troubles, they are a-changing!

In case last week’s contagious dreams were not evidence enough, this week’s brand-new Trouble should convince everyone that things are going a little bit haywire in Haven. It’s totally the fault of Sinister and Heavy too. Those jerks …

This week’s victims are the two Driscoll brothers. That’s Driscoll as in Reverend Driscoll. Thus, the guys come from the least Troubled family in town. Except not so much anymore.

The men were attacked after a long night of drinking, both waking up in strange places the next day. Jack’s Trouble pops up first, imploding a street full of people right after his driver almost hits the Teagues (who don’t die — THIS IS PROBABLY IMPORTANT!). This would be a whole lot worse if Jack weren’t also a deep-sea diver who knows all about breathing exercises for calming purposes.

With that, he can at least get under control.

But Jack’s brother, Aidan (played by that guy from “The Listener”), doesn’t have the same calming method. When he wakes up, death-by-implosion soon follows. Growing anxiety (due to seeing all that death and stuff) just makes everything worse, eventually creating a pressure bubble that threatens the whole town.

That’s where Duke comes in to save the day. He can’t absorb and end Troubles anymore — something Nathan quickly realizes — but Duke does still have his connections. One of those connections is even able to supply deep-sea pressure suits in a matter of minutes.

Audrey, Nathan and Duke set out (slowly — those suits are heavy) to talk down Aidan, but Nathan is soon taken out of commission by a leaky air hose. While Duke drags his frenemy back to safety, Audrey faces Aidan alone. A little talk about the importance of family and some deep breathing send everything back to quasi-normal.

Or as normal as you can get when Sinister and Heavy are leaving handprints all over town.

Jennifer looks for her past and finds a troll doll

While all of this is going on, Jennifer wanders about town looking for her biological parents. It has been determined that Jennifer’s real parents were Havenites. All she has to do is investigate half a dozen names.

This might be a little easier if Jennifer weren’t also being pursued by super-creepy horseshoe crabs with human eyes. We’re talking the stuff of nightmares here!

Even without the creepy crabs, Jennifer’s mission isn’t exactly a roaring success. She does find the house where her parents once lived, but they have moved and left behind nothing more than a box of random junk. What is Jennifer going to do with a pink-haired troll doll and a paperback copy of “Unstake My Heart”?

Remember that book? It’s the one that Audrey was reading before she got her very first assignment from Agent Howard in the “Haven” pilot. Obviously its return is significant.

Pancakes are better than serious talks

Jennifer and Duke have a happy reunion on the boat that turns into kissing that turns into some pancake action off-screen. It’s just unfortunate that Vince and Dave have news and therefore barge right in on the intimacy.

It might have been better if the duo had chosen to interrupt Nathan and Audrey. In light of everything that has happened with the Trouble rules changing, Nathan thinks it’s only fair for Audrey to kill him and end all of this. He has a point too. After all, people are dying an awful lot these days. Is the love of one couple worth the deaths of many others?

Audrey never actually agrees with this, but she doesn’t pull away when Nathan hands her the gun. With many tears and almost as many kisses, the two lovers race to their doom.

“What was once your salvation is now your doom.”

Throughout “Crush,” Dave has been freaking out about a book, the journal of John Cabot, a late 15th-century explorer (and a real person in history) who — according to “Haven” — spent some time with the Micmacs and learned of a legend related to the Troubles. Really bad times had happened once in the past when a door to another world had allowed evil to enter.


Cabot’s journal isn’t very helpful, except in the vague and ominous warning department. It talks about suffering and dark times and evil and creepy horseshoe crabs with people eyes — those are a harbinger of doom, apparently — but the solutions are few and far between.

All Cabot wrote down on the subject is a riddle: “What was once your salvation is now your doom.”

It’s a good thing Duke didn’t run off, by the way — he’s the one who figures out that the “salvation” is Audrey killing Nathan. There are only two problems with this revelation. The first is that Duke calls her “Audrey,” which totally lets the Teagues know that everyone has been lying. The second problem is …


A few quotes to make us all feel better

  • “It’s like the old Phil Collins song, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love.'” – Nathan
  • “I never know what they’re talking about.” – Duke on the Teagues
  • “In Haven, you always lose.” – Duke
  • “Your Trouble’s gone. Did you kill Wade?” – Nathan to Duke
  • “I’m selfish, but I’m not that selfish.” – Duke
  • “How lucky are we? We can make everything better with one bullet.” – Nathan
  • “Maybe she knows something she doesn’t even know she knows, you know?” – Jennifer
  • “A solution to suffering beyond imagining would be helpful.” – Duke

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