Is it just me, or is “Haven” going kind of nuts these days? Think about it — in “Lay Me Down,” we get suddenly contagious Troubles, hints that Jennifer may have even more Barn connections, the mysterious arrival of creepy Barn guys … Oh, and Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo) totally went the serial-killer route before his own brother had to kill him.

It’s nuts. But nuts is good. Find out why in this recap.

Freddy’s dead-y

Two important points are made in the very first scene of “Lay Me Down”: Jennifer is back in town, and Wade is all evil and stuff. Also, Jennifer isn’t insane anymore and therefore wants to get a newspaper job at the only periodical in town, the “Haven Herald.” This means that she may or may not wear glasses.

Wade, meanwhile, gets all creepy in his quest for cleaning supplies.

Although Duke would like to puzzle over his brother’s odd behavior, there’s unfortunately a drunk to deal with. Freddy seems to be a nice, easygoing sort of lush, but they drop the guy in the drunk tank anyway. When last we see Freddy, he’s curled up with a smile on his face, ready to sleep it off.

The smile is gone moments later — in the time it takes Nathan and Audrey to argue about Lexie and then get a cup of water, Freddy dies. It’s very bloody and messy, and Gloria the partying coroner thinks it’s like a bear attack. Only it’s way too clean.

Interestingly, poor Freddy was a bit of a bear nut in life. He always wanted to watch the nature shows while he drank …

Sinister behavior of various sorts

At the “Herald,” Jennifer runs into Carrie, a nice newspaper delivery girl (played by Kandyse McClure) and then proceeds with her interview. Jennifer is obviously way overqualified for a job like this, but Vince and Dave have a task for her to complete if she wants in: Jennifer has to do a background check on herself.

Of course, there are ulterior motives here. The Teagues mostly want to find out what Jennifer’s connection to the Barn actually is. Unfortunately for them, Jennifer’s self-check finds little. She was adopted and knows nothing about her birth parents. This is totally going to be important.

But for now, we move onto even more sinister stuff involving Wade Crocker. You didn’t think he’d stop after Jordan, did you? Because he has no intention of stopping in “Lay Me Down.” Telling himself that it’s for the best and that he’s curing curses, Wade takes a knife to a pretty Troubled girl outside of a bar.

What dreams may come

What do hot “Haven” boys dream about? Let’s take a peek inside the minds of Duke, Dwight and Nathan to see what makes them all tick.

First of all, Duke. We see the man cooking a very bloody bit of something to share for dinner with Wade. He also wants to share Dad’s journal, especially the part about the addictive rush of killing. In the process, however, Duke gets a paper cut and Wade attacks.

Duke wakes up at that point — with a big slash on his arm where Dream Wade attacked.

Then there’s Dwight. That poor guy’s dream is mostly about paperwork, but then Wade Crocker walks into the police station with a gun. Before Dwight can do anything, the gun reappears, floating in the air. Shots fire as Dwight awakens in his car.

There’s blood underneath his bulletproof vest. That is not good.

Finally, we have Nathan. Unlike everyone else in town, Nathan isn’t having dreams about death. His nightmares are more of the humiliation and punishment variety. In them, a very naked Nathan (woohoo!) is reprimanded by Miss Audrey for not being able to answer a simple multiple-choice question: Who does he love?

When Nathan fails to answer (because he doesn’t know), Teacher Audrey pulls out her paddle and …

We don’t get to see much more, because this is when Nathan wakes up. Audrey is waiting at the door. But Nathan needs a few minutes before he can answer it. It’s more than just injuries that Nathan brought back from sleep, if you know what I mean …

Death of/by print journalism

Two more men are dead from what seem to be nightmares — a swarm of bees and teeth falling out (“The Tommyknockers” shout-out?). Also, there’s Wade’s victim, but that’s another story. The dream-deaths are far more concerning to everyone at hand.

What’s the connection? A short bit of puzzling by Audrey brings up the thought that newspapers were around everyone who died. Could this finally be the explanation for Vince and Dave’s Trouble?

Duke is actually a little more concerned with Wade at this point. While Dwight is in the hospital recovering from his gunshots, Duke takes a look through the police file on the stabbing victim. When he sees that a knife point was found in the girl’s rib, Duke remembers that Wade had been suspiciously cleaning a broken knife earlier.

It’s not looking good for Wade.

The Ice-Truck Killer copies the Bay Harbor Butcher

If you want to understand the above heading, you really need to watch “Dexter” Season 1. The reference is obvious if you do.

Anyway, Duke finds out that Wade has been renting a boat to go out fishing. When Duke follows the GPS coordinates to his brother’s fishing hole, he finds something a little more shocking than fish. There are bodies under the water! While it does look like there might be a few dead people down there, Duke is mostly concerned with one distinctive, gloved hand he can see.

That would be Jordan.

Obviously, Duke has to stop all of this. He finds Wade outside of some dive bar and confronts him about the dead people. Wade doesn’t really deny anything. Instead, he threatens to spill on Audrey if Duke doesn’t play along with Wade’s killing spree.

So Duke just knocks his big brother out cold.

Troubles go viral

Back at the newspaper, Nathan and Audrey (who’s only barely keeping up the Lexie persona now) find out that it’s not the Teagues who caused the dream Trouble. The only source that makes sense? That would be Carrie, the nice newspaper-delivery girl.

Since Carrie has just delivered news to the entire town, there’s no time to waste. In an interesting twist on Trouble identification, Carrie freely admits she’s Troubled — dreams come to life are a normal thing in her family. She’s never been contagious though.

Audrey theorizes that the way to end the danger is to cure Carrie’s Trouble. But Carrie knows that doing so — by confronting her fears in a dream — could leave her dead.

Did someone leave the Barn door open?

With Audrey at her side to talk her through the scary stuff, Carrie goes to sleep and starts to dream about walking through a dark forest and meeting the two men who had mugged her a few days before (presumably triggering the Trouble in the process).

Somehow, those muggers are two familiar faces: the Sinister Man and Heavy. These were the guys who menaced Lexie back in the Bar(n). Did they get loose?

Whether they did or not, they’re dangerous to Carrie in her sleep. She even takes a blow from one of them before Audrey’s encouragement teaches the young woman to be brave and banish those fears.

The muggers vanish and all of Haven can sleep easy again!

Brother against brother

Duke may have bested Wade, but he probably should have left a note for Jennifer. As it is, the young woman lets the Evil Crocker
out of a locked closet. Of course, Wade repays this kindness by tasting (literally — like a vampire) Jennifer’s blood and trying to kill her.

That’s when Duke returns to save the day.

Getting a little of Jennifer’s blood on him too, it’s two silver-eyed Crockers in this fight. But Duke has the knife, so the match is over almost before it starts.

As Wade dies, Duke’s eyes mysteriously lose their silver shading. The explanation for that is in how the Crocker curse works: By killing one Troubled person, everyone else in the family loses their curses. Duke killed Wade, and now the Crocker curse is gone.

But this isn’t something Duke wants to celebrate. Loss of the blood-rush aside, this whole situation means that Duke let Wade kill. He is too ashamed to even tell Nathan and Audrey about this one.

Audrey and Nathan “make pancakes” at last!

The simmering fight between Audrey and Nathan bursts into the open as soon as everything else is over. Nathan thinks he only wants to love Audrey (definitely not Lexie), and Audrey is still a little irritated that Nathan slept with Sarah. It’s kind of like cheating, after all.

It’s just not going to work, is it? Nathan storms off … But then he storms back in. As it turns out, Nathan loves Audrey and everyone else she happens to be. The star-crossed lovers kiss passionately and then presumably do other stuff that may or may not involve pancakes.

Meanwhile, outside of the Grey Gull, two men watch Audrey’s apartment with a frown. Sinister Man and Heavy are not pleased with this. They’re not pleased at all.

Funky Barn problems

A few more points of interest — mostly related to the Barn — need to be highlighted here:

  • Jennifer’s mysterious adoption was arranged by one Byron Howard. That’s Agent Howard to you and me. Did Jennifer come from the Barn (or from whichever world it connects to)? Is it possible that Jennifer, like James, is a child of another version of Audrey? How weird would that be?

  • When Audrey and Nathan visit Carrie after her dream trauma, Audrey notices a weird, glowing handprint on Carrie’s back (kind of like the healing handprints on “Roswell”). Oddly, no one else can see it. Did Sinister Man leave it? Is this what caused Carrie’s Trouble to spread?

  • Finally, if Sinister Man and Heavy can escape the Barn, could others follow? Others like James? Or William?

These questions will unfortunately have to wait for another day and another “Haven.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown