haven emma lahana christian camargo cast season 4 cw gi 'Haven' Season 4 adds 'Dexter,' 'Hellcats' actors

“Haven” is adding two more recurring actors to its Season 4 cast. Christian Camargo and Emma Lahana will each guest-star in multiple episodes of the Syfy series.

Camargo, best known for playing the Ice Truck Killer on “Dexter,” comes on as Wade Crocker, the older brother of Duke (Eric Balfour). Described as charming, driven and devious, Wade at first appears to be the “good” Crocker brother. He is a successful and pleasant businessman, but a dark and deadly secret hidden in the Crocker family could be his undoing.

Lahana (“Hellcats”) comes to the show to play Jennifer Mason, an eccentric and energetic young woman who just happens to be hearing strange voices in her head. Could her condition help those in Haven find the missing Audrey Parker (Emily Rose)? Or will Jennifer have an even more important role in the strange town.

Set six months after the Season 3 finale, “Haven” returns to the strange and “Troubled” town. Duke and Audrey may have disappeared into the magic barn at the end of that season, but Nathan (Lucas Bryant) is still around.

With plenty of new characters joining the cast, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Posted by:Laurel Brown