The “Haven” Season 4, “Lighthouse,” brings death, a cliffhanger and a whole bunch of game-changers to Maine. Can Audrey and the guys defeat William? Will a crying baby kill the whole town? Does Audrey remember her past?

The answers will come on Friday (Dec. 13), but here are a few “Haven” spoilers to hold you until then.

1. Be prepared to see the original Audrey via memories. If you need a clue to how old the Troubles might be, check out the costumes worn by Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson back in the day. (Hint: They’re old.)

2. According to Duke, getting his Trouble back from Audrey is “Just like riding a bike for us Crockers.” But this statement is only true if that bike is rushing down a mountain, brakes gone, while bloodthirsty dragons swoop down from above, intent on destruction.

3. The goo boys — Sinister and Heavy — are back in town. They seem to be ready for some fishing while they wait for William to do his business.

4. Everyone important ends up at the lighthouse before the episode ends.

5. While the final line in the finale is a spoiler that shall not be revealed, the penultimate line is both important and vague: “He’s as good as dead.”

The “Haven” Season 4 finale airs Friday, Dec. 13 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown