“Haven” may have seen the last of a woman named Audrey Parker in “The Lighthouse.” After four seasons and as many identities, the woman who reappears in Haven to help with the Troubles is gone.

In her place, we have Mara. This is not the most helpful replacement, as far as Nathan, Duke and the rest of Haven are concerned. But oh, Season 5 is certain to be fun!

Meet Maura

With the Season 4 finale, “Haven” answers one of its biggest, longest-running questions: Who is Audrey Parker? The answer seems to be an evil witch (literally) named Mara. Via a limited number of flashbacks, we learn a few things about this unpleasant young woman.

1. Mara and William really were in love — the bad man wasn’t lying about that.

2. They liked to swim (presumably naked) together.

3. Whatever era — and/or world — the two date from, medieval-style costumes, cloaks and swords were the standard. Basically, it was a long, long time ago.

4. A mysterious “they” separated William and Mara once upon a time. She was then forced to return to Haven in a series of much nicer personalities. William got sent elsewhere, which sounds very unpleasant.

5. Mara, like William, can do all sorts of funky things with black goo.

Whether you like Mara or hate her, get used to the lady. She may be around for awhile. As for Audrey, maybe not.

The re-Troubling of Duke Crocker

As was hinted at the end of the previous episode, Audrey gives Duke his Trouble once more. Duke promptly kills Ben Harker so that the little baby’s cry won’t cause any more deaths.

However unpleasant all this is, at least Duke’s Trouble does the trick. That’s the only upside. Poor Duke finds out how bad things are soon enough when he starts feeling hung-over, coughing up blood and randomly killing grass in concentric circles.

Throughout the episode, it just gets worse.

So what’s going on? According to William, Audrey’s re-Troubling didn’t just give Duke back the old Trouble. It also mutated the curse — now, each of the many Troubles removed by Crockers throughout the generations have returned. And Duke gets all of them. All at once.

It’s bad. It is so bad, in fact, that Mara makes a chilling pronouncement on her one-time friend: “He’s as good as dead.”

Never trust someone from another world

Using her magical bit of pulp fiction, Jennifer determines that they can all open the gate underneath the lighthouse by placing four people from another world on the Guard symbol. She includes herself in that number, plus William and Audrey. Finding that fourth person turns out to be a lot more difficult.

Duke and Dwight first head off to find Sinister and Heavy, who are having a lovely day of fishing down by the docks. Alas, tazers just make these strange men kind of angry. Before any more action can be taken, however, both guys disintegrate into clouds of black goo.

Where do they go? It seems that William called the goo-boys as extra protection during his semi-happy reunion with Audrey. That reunion is, after all, just a ruse so that Nathan can tranquilize William and drag him to the lighthouse. And, thanks to that pesky connection between Audrey and William, the fellow catches Nathan quickly.

William doesn’t hurt Nathan though. He leaves that to Audrey/Mara — encouraging her to give Nathan yet another Trouble.

But Audrey isn’t entirely gone. She approaches Nathan, as if doing what William wants, and begs Nathan to knock her out.

He does, and William tumbles to the ground.

That should take care of the otherworldly types, right? Wrong. There’s one more visitor among the residents of Haven. He is, as many might have guessed after learning about his adoption, Dave Teague.

And Dave does not want to go back to where he came from.

Showdown under the lighthouse

Underneath the all-important lighthouse, everything goes right and everything goes wrong.

Nathan gets an awesome moment of triumph when he finally figures out how to get one-up on William, hurting him in that special place where only boys can be hurt:

“It’s physically impossible for you to injure me without injuring her.” – William
“I bet I can do it.” – Nathan

Dave, meanwhile, makes a desperate effort to avoid all of this and tries to shoot Vince. Remember how everyone calls Dwight a bullet magnet? We get to see that Trouble in action as the projectile reverses direction and hits Dwight (via Dave’s shoulder).

With everyone in place, Jennifer pops open the mystical door to the other world, creating some sort of abyss. Dave runs almost directly to his doom, saved only by Vince’s filial affection and Dwight’s strength. As for William, he starts begging to stay.

That doesn’t work too well. Instead, Audrey shoves her former lover through the door.

But William goes with a smile. That’s because the final moment of contact finishes the work he’s been doing for ages now: Audrey remembers Mara.

With Jennifer collapsing to the ground –possibly dead — and Duke bleeding from the eyeballs, there’s really only Nathan available to look to Audrey for help. Audrey, however, isn’t there. The woman standing in her place is Mara.

And she wants to find William. Uh oh.

See you in Season 5!

Posted by:Laurel Brown