The “Haven” Season 4 premiere, “Fallout,” is about to air and who better to preview the episode and the season than the show’s executive producers and showrunners, Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness?

Warning: There are minor “Haven” spoilers ahead — proceed with caution.

Fortunately or unfortunately, those in charge of “Haven” could not be persuaded to spill all that they knew on the upcoming season. “We could tell you everything, but then we’d have to find where you are and kill you,” Matt McGuinness explained.

So what could the two showrunners share about what is coming to the weirdest little town in Maine?

“We are going to learn more than we ever have about Audrey Parker, her place in Haven and Haven’s place in the overall world,” Gabrielle Stanton said when asked to describe Season 4 as a whole. “I think it’s been exciting to us as writers this season to be able to unpack some more of [the show’s mythology] and really give the fans a chance to answer questions that they’ve had for the past three years.”

A big focus of the upcoming season will definitely be on the identity of the woman mostly known as Audrey Parker (Emily Rose). She has a new identity this season — a bartender named Lexie Dewitt — but there may still be some Audrey in there.

“I think the fans will be really excited with how we’re playing with Audrey’s identity this year,” Stanton teased. “There will be more little nuggets and sides of Audrey that we will touch on as the series progresses … ‘Haven’ is all about identity, who she truly is, who she comes back as. We were able to explore one of her other personalities [in Season 4], kind of like we did last season with Sarah.”

But what about Audrey Parker? Is she gone for good now? “I think we can just say safely that we have not seen the last of Audrey Parker,” assured Stanton.

There’s more to Season 4 than Audrey/Lexie, of course. The focus of the premiere episode, for example, is more on the repercussions of what happened to the world once Audrey disappeared. “We’ll learn a lot of the secrets of the barn. We are going to meet Duke Crocker’s brother [Christian Camargo, “Dexter”],” teased McGuinness. “The season begins six months after the end of Season 3. Fans will remember we left Season 3 in kind of a big mess — with the barn exploding and Jordan possibly dead, and Duke and Audrey possibly dead, and Nathan possibly being the cause of it all. So we’re going to resolve all that in Season 4.”

In new-character news, there is one person in particular — a young woman named Jennifer Mason (Emma Lahana, “Hellcats”) — who shows up in the premiere and who will “become very, very important to the town of Haven. “And important to Duke Crocker himself!” Stanton added.

Overall, another season of “Haven” seems ready to bring in the weirdness and mystery that fans have come to expect. That’s not going anywhere. As Stanton put it, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

“Haven” Season 4 premieres Friday, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown