haven colin ferguson william fallout 401 syfy 'Haven' Season 4 premiere speculation: Who is William?

William is something of an enigma on “Haven” Season 4.

The man — played by Colin Ferguson of “Eureka” fame — showed up in the season premiere, “Fallout,” and promptly established himself as a full-on mystery. He knows all about Audrey/Lexie (Emily Rose). There are people following him around with guns. William can take out those people with a pool cue.

Also, Lexie thinks he’s cute. So who is this William guy?

What’s his name?

If you paid very close attention to William’s introduction to Lexie in the bar, you may have noticed a slight hesitation when he was asked his name. It was almost as if “William” had to think about an answer before he said it.

Now why would William — a person Lexie had never seen before and didn’t know at all — need to give a fake name? The fake isn’t for her in the moment, so any lies are for the future. After all, sooner or later, William is likely to go to Haven and meet up with that world.

There is something in his identity that he wants to hide from Nathan, Duke and the others. And there is something that he has to hide from Lexie, even when she gets a little more knowledge about herself.

William is the new Agent Howard

At the end of Season 3, Nathan shot the mysterious Agent Howard. This resulted in two things: the barn imploded and Agent Howard had white light shoot out of the bullet holes. It was all very weird.

Weirdness aside, the important thing is that Agent Howard is probably not with us anymore. Was he the only barn-guardian type? Or could there be others?

If there could be other people who know how the barn works, then it is entirely plausible that William is up next. Unlike Howard, however, William seems to want Lexie to figure out her true identity — right now.

That last bit could also explain the man with the gun in the premiere. William admits that he knows the guy and knows he is up to no good. Could the gunman be yet another Howard replacement, one who didn’t want William to spill secrets? If there’s a whole network of Barn People, it makes sense that some would want Lexie to know herself, while others would hold to ignorance.

William is James

For James (aka the Colorado Kid, aka the son of Sarah and Nathan) to suddenly look like Colin Ferguson would be a trick. But we are talking about someone who was hanging out in a time-traveling barn, so why not?

James being “William” would explain the following: the fake name hint and William’s strong interest in Lexie. Unfortunately, we would still have to explain the change in appearance (even Audrey only ever changes her hair) and the presence of the gunman.

Still, it would be a cool twist.

William is from Audrey’s distant past

We only know Audrey’s identities going back to Sarah in the 1950s. But there is zero reason to suspect that there are not more “Audreys” going back much, much further than that. Considering the town history of Haven, it seems most likely that she has been around since at least early colonial times.

What if there was another man who, like Nathan, fell for his “Audrey” back in the day? And what if the man had a Trouble — or figured out something — to travel through time or to never age? William could totally be that man.

William is …?

Honestly, the most likely explanation for William is one that no one has thought of yet. Season 4 will hopefully give some more clues over time.

Posted by:Laurel Brown