Things are already starting to get back to “normal” on “Haven” Season 4. Duke and Nathan are back in Maine. Troubled people need help. Vince and Dave are being evasive and mysterious. Even Audrey is back — sort of.

So what is coming next? We got a few “Haven” spoilers from the show’s executive producers Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness.

And yes, they did confirm that the audience will see Duke shirtless and Nathan naked. You’re welcome.

Stanton and McGuinness have far more interesting things to say about “Haven” than the humble writer of this article, so they will take it away from this point onward.

The future of Colin Ferguson’s character of William

Matt McGuinness: We can tell you that Colin Ferguson comes back in the second half of the season.

Gabrielle Stanton: That actually has been really exciting, kind of mixing it up with Colin this season. It’s created what we think is a really interesting, complicated character for him that plays on a lot of his strengths. We’ve been big fans of his for a long time. We’re going to kind of mix it up a little bit on “Haven,” in terms of the Audrey-Duke-Nathan triangle — in ways the fans will probably not expect. I don’t think even we expected [that] when we first conceived the character.

On mysterious and/or semi-naked men

Gabrielle Stanton: If you are a Vince and Dave fan, this is your season. If you’re a fan of Duke with his shirt off, this is also your season.

Matt McGuinness: And if you’re a fan of Nathan Wuornos naked, this is your season!

Gabrielle Stanton: Season 4 is where you get to start pulling out all the stops … Duke with his shirt off and Nathan naked won’t be together. They’ll be different episodes. Although I think our viewership would go up dramatically [if we did pair them], so I don’t know.

That strange tattoo …

Matt McGuinness: It might take a little while [to explain the tattoo]. We won’t get to it in the very beginning of the season, but we will explain the tattoo almost entirely [in Season 4].

A returning Troubled person

Gabrielle Stanton: The girl in Season 2 — in “Sketchy” — actually is going to be coming back. And she is going to be coming back in more of a recurring role. We thought, “If you do have this Trouble, how do you move on with your life? How do you get a job? What happens?” That was kind of a fun little part for her — she’ll be coming back about midway through Season 4.

“Little nuggets” of Audrey and complications

Gabrielle Stanton: There will be more little nuggets and sides of Audrey that we will touch on as the series progresses.

Matt McGuinness: It’s not just the fans who can discover those nuggets about Audrey, but so do are characters — Nathan and Duke in particular.

Gabrielle Stanton: Imagine, in “Haven,” you’re in love with a woman who is perhaps dozens of other women. It could be every man’s dream, I don’t know.

Matt McGuinness: Or nightmare.

Gabrielle Stanton: If it weren’t complicated, it wouldn’t be “Haven.”

“It’s not a simple place.”

Matt McGuinness: That’s a line of dialogue from an episode … from this season. It’s a line between a romantic couple, wondering why — I’m not talking about what couple it is or what’s going on — between a romantic couple in Haven talking about why they’ve had such trouble. One of them says, “Haven, it’s not a simple place.”

“Haven” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown